Rumour: Valve Releasing New Version Of Warcraft III Mod

Having hummed along quietly for around a year now since being picked up by Valve, IceFrog - developers of the popular "Defence of the Ancients Allstars" scenario for Warcraft III - seem to be making progress on their latest work.

Actor John St. John, who you'd know as the voice behind Duke Nukem, took to his Twitter account earlier in the week and wrote "Had a great time in Seattle last week recording for DotA. The guys at ValveSoftware are awesome!"

He's since removed the Tweet from his account, but the internet, it never forgets.

While it was of course natural to assume that IceFrog would be working on a new, standalone Defence of the Ancients Allstars for Valve (as in, one that wouldn't require a copy of Warcraft III to play), this is the first we've actually heard anyone make public mention of the game's development.

Defence of the Ancients Allstars (or DotA) is a variant of the original Defence of the Ancients mod, which took a Starcraft mod, dropped it into Warcraft III and added a bunch of RPG elements to what was essentially a game of tower defence.

Valve's Working On Steam-Friendly DoTA [MTV]


    Great, I wonder if it will have more than one level? I think I'll go play LoL whilst i wait...

      I can't see this taking off, with Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends both already out and doing their thing.

      HoN is basically just DoTA with different names for everything anyway.

        lolno. Valve instantly gets it's fanbase, which is 100,000+ strong. Then you get the original DoTa fanbase and the John St John fanbase. It'll be more popular than either of those clones.

          I'll probably get it. And i own HoN with over 500 matches player :S.

    I imagined Alien Swarms top down aproach unsing the source engine would make for a much more flexible platform to build a DotA style game.

    If Valve can do something about the learning and skill curve they can blow HoN and LoL out of the water.

      I think the biggest turn off wasn't the learning curve; it was the elitist douches that made up the community. That's what stopped me and my friends from getting into HoN. There's just so many better games with a more friendly community out there to bother with HoN.

    I'm afraid Valve may have missed the timing on this one.

    Most of the DotA fanbase have already moved to either LoL or HoN. For those playing LoL, most of them have a vested interest in continuing to play LoL (Skins, Runes etc etc).

    The few extremely loyal individuals that did stick with DotA are quickly losing faith after revelations were made that Icefrog worked for S2 gaming (the developers that made HoN) after specifically stating that he would altruistically work for free on DotA, and basically not sell out.

    Basically how much more market share can you get? LoL and HoN are both solid games (LoL being a little more friendlier, HoN being much more competitive). I really do support Valve in their "super boosting" independent developers, but there about 5 years too late on this one.

    IDK, I waited for this for an extrodinarily long time, but nothing came to fruition. I personally play LoL and HoN, and unless they come up with something that absolutely blows my mind, I imagine I won't be playing Valve's DotA.

    Storm of the Imperial Sanctum the SC2 version of Dota has already got great popularity. the prob with this line of gametypes is that the creators have no input or mark on the series other than balance.. which arguably is not present in any of the version of this DOTA style game.

    seriously people just love the raw fundimentals and dominating people based on build order knowlage and micro.. i dont think any one owns DOTA.. its already gone beyond the creators.

    It is however obviouse what valve will try and do.. they will try and legitimize the dota scene.. and pull them off War3 where most of them still play with pirated copys of the game.. so likely we will see a highly discounted release of dota on steam.. (maybe sold with HLe3 and Portal 2?) its about time we have the GREEN BOX.

    I would be alot more interested in Values dota if it however used artwork from All steam games (ie heros from all the publishers on steam Super Smash Bros style) and ran maybe in a different perspective.. now that would be game!

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