Saints Row Team Working With "High-Powered Creative" On New RPG

Volition, the studio behind Saints Row and Red Faction Armageddon, is entering a new space. The Illinois-based developer is currently collaborating on a "new action role-playing game" with "a high-powered creative talent in the entertainment industry". Who could that be?

If previous reports are right, it might be Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. He's helmed films like Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone. The Los Angeles Times recently named del Toro as part of a deal with publisher THQ, after the director told MTV Multiplayer he was getting into video games.

Volition laid out its plans to create an original, unannounced franchise in a fresh job listing, spotted by 1UP. Here's the open position's description: "Volition is searching for a Design Director for a new action role-playing game. We are collaborating with a high-powered creative talent in the entertainment industry to develop this original, unannounced franchise."

Del Toro told MTV the deal would be officially announced "in the next few weeks". Given the movie director's discriminating taste in games, it's an announcement looking forward to.

Volition Working on New Action-RPG Franchise [1UP]


    I wasn't that interested when I first heard THQ were teaming up with Guillermo del Toro, movie talent doesn't seem to translate over that well, but Volition may be the extra ingredient that makes the whole thing work.


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