Sam & Max, Team Fortress 2, Penny Arcade And Strong Bad, Together At Last

Telltale, the team behind the new Sam & Max and Monkey Island series, have a new game on the way. One that's teasing a crossover of epic proportions.

What could it all mean? We'll find out this Thursday, according to the trailer. Feel free to sound off with your wildest dreams and wishes below!


    Some sort of special sale when you buy all four games. I'm sensing more TF2 hats. It had better come with a Strongbad hat. Ooh, and a Cardboard Tube Samurai hat.

    Jesus Christ! Just imagine the possibilities of the inevitable TF2 hat pre-order bonus for this!

    sick to death of the tf2 bonus content. i and many other do not own of play tf2

      i for one do own it. but i don't play it.

      i need the props for gmod, same with every source game i have.

        Which Source engine game did you get your smug sense of superiority from?

        Also, please don't tell me that you're going to pretend you didn't enjoy the Half Life 2 series... If you even played them... How dumb would one have to be to buy HL2 and not play it though?

      So start playing? It's not like you're losing anything, it's alot easier for Valve to slap on a promotional deal for their own game than for another developer to bother to code and model and texture and such.


    I've wanted these games for ages but the price has always just seemed too high for a DL title...

    What has the heavy (HOOVY) got in his hand?
    Can't wait though! Anything with all these characters in it has to be awesome!

    who cares about TF2 bonus content? Its just valve giving you something for nothing, how can that make you angry?

    Eh, I'll be excited if there is a Mac edition.

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