Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Disappointing Box Office

In its first weekend in theatres, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World pulled in a little under US$11 million. That's... not good.

The film, which has an estimated budget of around US$80 million, played on 2,818 screens in the US. The Expendables took the top spot with a weekend box office of $US34 million on 3,270 screens. Eat Pray Love was number two at $US23 million on 3,082 screens. That's an average of US$3,765 per screen.

It is possible that Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has a slow burn and could turn out to be a sleeper hit, but movies typically have lower box office numbers in their second and third weeks.

Movies that struggle at the box office can find a second life on video or even internationally. With out big time movie stars, it's hard to see the movie doing brisk business internationally. A shame!

Read Kotaku's review here.

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    I think its just the type of movie, it doesnt have mass appeal.

    I'd personally see it, but i couldnt imagine convincing my friends to see it.

      yeah I wasn't really motivated to go see this but my friends dragged me along.
      I'm glad they did as I enjoyed it alot more than I was expecting, but I understand why many people wouldn't find it appealing enough to go see which is unfortunate.

    A good article on why people didn't really "get" it-

    Personally I haven't seen it, but that's because I'm lazy and barely see anything. Except for seeing the Expendables today, which happens to be the best movie of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    I don't really see the problem.

    The film was really damn good. And it was a pretty niche movie anyway, so it's expected to not do too well in the Box office. Besides, some of the best movies ever made have done poorly in the box office.

    I'd go to the cinema more if it wasn't so freaking expensive. Rewind back to the early 2000's and I could get a cinema ticket and drink for $10, now its like $17 just to get into the movie... I tell ya, cinemas are missing a truck of cash here, I used to goto the cinema more than i watched movies at home back in those days.

    In short, even though this movie looks pretty cool, I don't really care to go out and spend over $20 seeing it.

    Lets also put this in perspective shall we:

    11 mil for a 60mil budget. That's not great but it's not terrible. It's going to make its money back, then it'll hit DVD/Bluray/Netflix...

    There seems to be a lot of people that don't 'get' Scott Pilgrim. It's built for a specific audience, I was never really expecting it to do well, but still a bit sad :(

    While I got massively excited for it back when my sister showed me one of the first trailers, the trailers I saw on TV just made me think it looked strange and awkward. Did nothing at all to fuel the hype. Could've been something like that.

    (The movie was awesome though)

    Soooo 'indie' ish BUT it's actually a really great great movie and so much fun. I mean it's a bit silly and soft but the director has such a great resume (Spaced, Hot Fuzz etc) so you can tell it's not a stylistic lie.

    Maybe I should go see this...

    At least, it sounds like it'll be a cult hit.

    Opening the movie on the same weekend as the film with the biggest action movie cast ever? Is anyone surprised it didn't do well?


      there was no way i was going to be able to convince my mates to see this first over the expendables even though maybe half of us who went really wanted to see this

      and the thing is the expendables was a great movie for what it was
      It's one of those awesome 80's type action movies that doesnt insist that every single person on earth knows some form of martial art

      bruce willis was probably the only named cast member that truly wasn't needed(though he may have been more of a if we have a sequel we can use him)

    I saw the first screening at my local cinema and the place was deserted, had the whole cinema to myself. Kinda disappointing since it was the best movie I've seen this year.

      Same deal at my cinema. Really shameful that more people didn't go see it on opening weekend. Really great movie that really gets our gen.

    I saw it.
    Was quite good.

    The other day, I was at the cinema to see Toy Story 3, in 3D, cost me $13. It was a lovelly shock to say the least.

    It's probably because of two reasons; 1. that there was a new employee starting his first day there. And 2. I was the ONLY person to see the movie in that session.

    But yeah, I'd definitely see it. It's mostly aimed at the geeks and fans of the comic. It's more of a sleeper film rather than an Avatar.

    That sucks to hear. At least there's a film that didn't have to hold back on awesomeness due to budget or demographic restraints. I'll be seeing it a couple more times at least, and Blu-ray when it eventually becomes available. Hope it gives them a Futurama/Family Guy-esque boost in sales.

    This really deserved to do better, the best movie I've seen in a long time. I don't think I've walked out of a theatre with such a feeling of 'this movie was worth the $10 I paid' since District 9.
    Definitely will be getting a copy on Blu-Ray when that happens, hopefully with some snazzy collector's edition swag too.

    I have to admit, I was a hater when I first saw the trailers, just didn't appeal to my sense of humour. But the movie was pretty good in the end, solid pacing and overall decent acting. And watching enemies exploding into coins just doesn't get old... I too was in a cinema with only a handful of people, real shame because I think Edgar Wright is one of the few great directors around today.

    Meh, IMO this is a film primed for blu ray release. It appeals to the "gamer generation" ergo, people with games consoles and, most likely, hella good home theatre systems.

    I predict for this movie, epic fail (and it's the first time I've ever written that, and it feels good). Primarily because the company backers will see the poor cinema going and think they've got a dud. So they won't push advertising for the DVD/blu ray. So it won't sell as well as it would otherwise.

    I for one am questioning why the hell we are still slave to the 20th century concept of cinemas being the first in line to show movies. Imagine a hollywood "cinema quality" release being put on digital download first off. If you overlook the piracy concerns there really isn't much that "cinema" has to offer, other than misconstrued/misguided prestige and over priced tickets.

    +1 For Shame, +1 Too Expensive tickets, +1 niche, +3 Excellent movie!

    I'm keen about the game, but NOT so keen about the film.

    Releasing it now with inception and the expendables out would probably have something to do with the lower takings, and then there's the fact michael cera's in it.
    Personally, i absolutely loved the movie and i'll probably go watch it again, but i still think michael cera was completely the wrong choice for the role.

    I'm doing it in this order.

    Novels > Movie > Game
    (I am here)

    Hoping it's still in the cinema once I've bought and finished the novels :)

    I haven't seen it advertised ANYWHERE. Not on TV, not at busstops, not on posters... if it wasn't for youtube and already being a fan of the comic, I wouldn't have even known it was on! Shame, cos I absolutely loved it!

    I was one of those people who got to see a preview screening, now I wish I'd actually BOUGHT a ticket. :(

    I'm gonna try and get some more friends to see it now. I'd really like to see more films like this in the cinemas!

    The most dissapointing thing about this for me was the fact that Scott Pilgrim was actually a way better action movie than Expendables. Pilgrims fight scenes were incredible.

    I'll be going to see it at the cinema in a few days, along with a friend. We've known about it for a couple months now - we regularly go to the cinema (despite the horrific prices of tickets) and saw it advertised in the coming attractions heaps of times.

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