Scott Pilgrim Vs The Graphic Novels Trailer

This week, Scott Pilgrim vs The World hits cineplexes. The flick is based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series.

Compare the theatre trailer with this fan-made trailer of panels from Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novels. Some bits are the same, some bits are totally different. Fascinating!

Scott Pilgrim Movie Trailer Recreated From Graphic Novel [/Film]


    Fantastic! Like the author said in that article, I was a big fan of the books and was ecstatic to see just how faithful the movie was going to be.

    My only concern is how they are going to fit 6 books worth of material into a 2 hr movie?


    I'm guessing a lot of the relationship subplots will be cut down most notably Scott and Envy's relationship (i didn't spot envy anywhere in the trailer), and possibly the part near the end where Ramona disappear. It'll probably go straight to the fight with Gideon.


      They're pretty much faitfhull up untill the lucas lee fight, then the movie becomes entirley it's own beast and pretty much only draws loosley on the comics from then on.

      It's still a great movie though.

    Ive seen Envy in the trailer.

    I went and saw the MIFF screening of it on Sunday night and its seriously great.

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