See Diablo III's Artisan In Action

So, Diablo III has a new crafting feature, the Artisan. This video shows how he works, brining some much-needed apron to the Monk's sandy robes.


    That was incredibly underwhelming. It's basically the gamble system (which "levelled up" as you did) and the rune system of Diablo 2. Nothing here looks new, it just looks like old stuff repackaged in prettier wrapping paper with an annoying "salvage" grind thrown into everything to give meaning to garbage white and grey items that drop all over the place. Why make us pick up these garbage items, salvage them and then level grind an NPC in town? That just seems stupid.

      It might have just been my terrible luck, but I always ended up getting SFA gambling in D2. This seems to be a much better system. Granted, some attributes will be random, but I'm assuming all random variations will have the same amount of points total.

      EG: You craft two swords with the same recipe. One has +5 STR and one has +5DEX

      I also like the ability to socket items - in D2 you could only do it ONCE per play through with the guy in Act V, and I never ended up doing it because I couldn't decide what item I wanted to socket!

      Also cheese, you might be slightly missing the point of Diablo, which is to PICK SHIT UP. He used the white and grey items as a low-level example - the time when you literally pick up everything that drops anyway to sell it for cash. As you start to go along, you'll see your bag fill up with blue items instead of white items, which you can use for the same purpose. It also seems like a great idea to reduce time spent in town, as you can salvage on the go!

        When I played D2 I thought the point of the game was the blow shit up in an RSI inducing click-fest on the hunt for better gear - which never involved touching white/grey/blue items. The only time you did that was when you were at the beginning of the game, wanted a socketed item or needed garbage to sell to the merchant so you could repair.

        They have taken an MMO convention (grinding for crafting materials) and added it to an action RPG... which is a huuuuuuge mistake. You want people blowing stuff up outside of town and killing things... not messing around in some menu "disenchanting" all the garbage items they would otherwise have ignored.

        I agree socketing items on demand without the once per difficulty limit is an improvement, but in the end it doesn't add anything new (the reality is, most players had specific unique gear planned out for the end game and socketed that, they didn't need more than 3 socket rewards). The recipe system looks like a more accessible rune system, they had set attributes and random variables for each recipe, so like I said, this doesn't appear to offer anything new (more accessible than the previous game, but now new) but it does add couple awesome new grinds to waste our lives on. There is a distinct stench of "lack of vision and creativity" with this latest reveal.

        Maybe Blizzard is losing the creative and innovative edge?

    Is it wrong to be more excited for Torchlight 2 than this dull game?

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