See Dozens Of Guitar Hero Controllers Die In A Volcano

The makers of Power Gig: Rise of the SixString, the rhythm game that uses a real electric guitar as its controller, want plastic guitar peripherals to die in a fire - or the molten lava of an active Icelandic volcano.

At least, that's what we're inferring from this publicity stunt in which dozens of Guitar Hero guitar controllers are demolished and destroyed with the help of that pesky Eyjafjallajökull. Sure, it's a stupid waste of materials, but an incredibly clever gag. No one else has dumped this much plastic and electronics into a volcano in the name of selling a video game.

Such a fine line between stupid and clever... [via GameLife]


    What's that i smell over the burning plastic?? Is that.. *sniff sniff*.. a lawsuit??? lol

    Sure you probably can't sue over stuff like that, but i'm sure activision would at least TRY!

    either way i found that rather enjoyable!

    I'm not a huge hug-the-trees sort of guy, but that was just stupid and pretty damn irresponsible.

    I hope they had to go down to the volcano and clean up all their crap.

    Also, Power Gig looks sh*t, and this only makes me want the game less.

      Yeah they're going to clean up molten guitars, I don't know maybe they did this because it makes them more money than they're some kind of advertising campaign.

      I know! SO irresponsible.

      Volcanos are a part of nature and as beautiful as you or me.

      ... well me anyway, I'm pretty damn beautiful.

    Now I understand why I can't buy a fucking Guitar Hero 5 controller anywhere...

    But yeah, kinda silly. What a complete waste of time.

    how the heck did they retrieve that video @[email protected]

      Probably a camera mounted on one of the Guitar Hero controlers, which was streaming the data to a computer on the plane for recording.

    Has Iceland's economy sunk so low that they are actually hiring out military aviators to video game developers now?

    I actually lol'ed because no other self-respecting country with a volcano would allow this to happen :P

    Seems like a teeny weeny tiny bit of overkill.

    They could have got the same message across with one plastic guitar and and a bunsen burner.

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