See "Master Chief's" Face In A...Mobile Phone Commercial

In this commercial for Samsung's new Galaxy S phone, a guy who looks a lot like Halo's Master Chief runs like a scared little girl, then jumps in a flying crayfish and takes his helmet off.

Sounds bizarre, and it is, but watch the commercial and everything written above actually happens. This isn't an ad in a market like Malaysia, either; it's Samsung's US commercial for its deal with telco provider Sprint.

It reeks of bootleg, and of an impending letter from Microsoft's lawyers, but seeing as Samsung is cozy with the Xbox 360 manufacturer - every 360 demo booth you'll ever see has the same Samsung TV attached, for example - this may actually be cool with everyone involved.

Except for Halo fans, that is. Flying crayfish aren't canonical!

[thanks Larry!]


    Isn't Samsung testing the Windows Phone 7?

      They're definitely going to be throwing their weight in the WP7 market, but right now they're very much Android.

      What shocks me about this ad is that it's not even some obscure foreign market where they can possibly get away with plagiarism. The ad is pimping Sprint Nextel and is obviously for US consumers.

      How could they possibly think they'd get away with this. The commercial is fairly bizarre too, why have live action faux sci-fi when they could show actual in-game footage which would work better?

    Master chief wouldn't run like a little girl or even break out a sweat like this wuss did. I feel a lawsuit coming on...

    This SHOULD have been an add for Samsung's Windows Phone 7 devices.

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