Settlers Of Catan, As Nature Intended

Last month we took a close look at a new version of classic board game Settlers of Catan, one being readied for Microsoft's giant touch-screen computer. Since then, a new build of the game has been released.

God this stuff looks good. It really is the best of both worlds; the social intimacy of a board game couple with the whiz-bang presentation of a video game. Let's just hope the soundtrack is customisable!

As the guys explain in the vid, this is an official project with the Catan licence, not a fanciful tech demo; the ultimate aim is to have commercial spaces (think gaming cafes) where Surface tables could be positioned and people would pay to play games like this.


    I want to see Dominion done on Surface. Any card/board game would be great like that, and even a number of tabletop games like D&D could be a lot more fun with some help from a computerized table. In fact, I wouldn't mind developing games for Surface, if only I had the connections...

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