Show Us Yours: Toys R Steve

Show Us Yours: Toys R Steve

This is the post where you get to show off your gaming setup and collection to the entire world. Let’s take a look now!

The idea of Show Us Yours is you take some photos of your games collection or your gaming room or your gaming cupboard or whatever else you have in your house that is about you playing games. You then send us your photos along with a few comments about what makes yours so special. Then we publish it here on a Thursday afternoon.

Today it’s the turn of regular commenter and reader reviewer extraordinaire, Steven Bogos.

Steve even helpfully supplied his own captions for each pic, saving me from going to all the trouble. (Click to enlarge each pic.)

“Influenced by the last ‘show us yours’, I figured I’d show off my gaming setup. It’s not as extensive as others, as I relegate most of my older generation stuff to storage. What is impressive about my collection is the sheer amount of TOYS I’ve collected over the years, from special editions, as well as small purchases.”

“First shot of my gaming room – this is where I spend most of my time… sitting at that chair. Most of the toys are on the top shelf, but there’s a few scattered around, like the facehugger hanging off my monitor, and the Indiana Jones Lego planes on my desk – within easy reach so i can play with them during loading screens.”

“Other shot showing my ‘secondary’ gaming devices, my beast of an 18-inch laptop, and the Wii which is hooked up to my computer monitor. It also contains the prize of my collection – a 1:1 scale replica of the pulse rifle from ALIEN.”

“A close up of the rifle. There’s a few more toys on top, my favourites are the Luffy/Goku crossover toys.”

“My less-than impressive collection of current-gen games. I usually trade/sell most of the console games I stop playing. My Xbox isn’t pictured because my brother ‘borrowed’ it a couple months ago…”

“My slightly more impressive PC game collection.”

“The top shelf of my desk, containing all my toys, as well as special edition boxes and a Katana (because, everyone needs a Katana).”

Editor’s Note: Steven did not supply a caption for this photo, so I will have to step in.

“The top shelf of Steven’s desk, continued.”

Editor’s Note: Steven did not supply a caption for this photo either, so once again I will have to step in.

“The top shelf of Steven’s desk, continued, continued.”

Thank you, thank you very much.

“Bonus pic! My Manga collection”

Steve also is offering a bonus point for anyone who can guess who his favourite Disney character is. Well, can you?

Don’t forget to show us yours!


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