Silent Hill 2 Held Up By Manslaughter, Prison Sentence

Silent Hill 2 Held Up By Manslaughter, Prison Sentence

Roger Avary of Pulp Fiction and Killing Zoe fame wrote the first Silent Hill movie. He was slated to write the second one. Then, the unthinkable happened.

In 2008, an intoxicated Avary was involved in a car accident that left a close friend of his dead, 34-year-old Andreas Zini, and put his wife in the hospital. The Oscar-winning scribe was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

He began blogging from what seemed like prison – it was later revealed that he was tweeting from a Ventura County work furlough program and not in “prison”. Avary was sent to prison for the rest of his one year-sentence.

Horror magazine asked Silent Hill 2 producer Don Carmody about the status of the picture. “A little stalled now because of [writer/director]Roger Avary’s [legal problems] , so a little unsure yet,” Carmody told Fangoria. “The original plan was Roger writing and polishing the screenplay, and when he had finished his thing, we’d begin full-blown preproduction.” He is not sure of the current status.

“We know we want to make Silent Hill 2 and have a basic outline for it. We’ll have to see.”

Avary apparently was released from Ventura County Prison last month. He has not updated his Twitter account since last November.

“RESIDENT EVIL”: Conversations from the “AFTERLIFE” Part Six: Don Carmody, producer [Fangoria via Helldescent Thanks, CJ!]


  • It’s terrible what happened to this man, his wife and friend.

    I really enjoyed the first movie (which surprised me as it’s a game to movie adaptation) and was glad to hear they were going to do another one.

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