Six More Screens Illustrate DC Universe Online

Of six new screens pumped out by DC Universe Online, not much suprise that four involve Batman or characters from his continuity. That's because preordering the MMO lets you play as the Caped Crusader in a 2-on-2 arena battle.


    If your playing with your character in the MMO, you know, gaining all the relevant experience and progressing as you do, then why would you want to play with batman in a 2v2 arena?

    Why wouldn't you want to show off the prowess of the character you developed instead of fighting a room full of other pre-order batman's?? Just seems like a waste to me. Why couldn't they just give you some cool batman gadgets to use for your character as a pre-order bonus instead?

    Anyone else think that first one looks like Catwoman's wailing on Batman and he's not even noticing?

      HAH!!! Now that you mention it, it kinda does!!

      she's all like "TAKE THAT!"

      and he's all like "OOO a Butterfly"

    Wow, is that meant to be Poison Ivy in the second screen? Its the worse looking character model by far.

      Yeah.. pretty terrible, huh?

      SHe looks like one of those cheesy body-paint playboy style chicks.. :P

    So, judging from the quality of the character models I'm seeing here, this game is a Sega Saturn title?

    The release trailer got me hooked... these screen shots are poo poo. Not keen at all now.

    lol at these screens. with the likes of Guild Wars 2 on the horizon and the kind of quality that looks to be (even if we only judge by looks alone), who would play this other than die-hard DC fans? surely thats not enough to sustain the comunity needed for such a game.

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