Six Years' Worth Of Game Time Destroyed In Pirate Raid

For several reasons, EVE Online subscriptions - "pilot licence extensions" - have become an in-game item to be bought and sold among players - and stored in cargo holds of the sci-fi MMO's ships. You know where this is going.

Seventy-four "PLEXes" - these 30-day subscriptions - were in the cargo of "a lone Kestrel in in Jita" reports Massively, apparently a bad neighbourhood and an underweight craft. Two pirates scanned the cargo and pounced. Though they could have stolen the cargo and used or sold it in-game with the consent of EVE publisher CCP, it was instead destroyed by the raid. Seventy-four 30-day codes amount to six years of game time and cost more than $US1000.

Why are these things destructible virtual items? Massively says that CCP had problems with players buying in-game currency from shady gold-farmers, and commoditised the 60-day game time code as a 30-day PLEX that can change hands legitimately in the game without sanctions. This allows folks who are good at building up ISK (the game's currency) to renew their subs via playtime, more or less. Only last month did CCP enable these items to be transportable by ship. Obviously, pirates scan cargo before they attack, so one could assume any PLEX, let alone 74, makes you a high-value target in a bad neighbourhood.

At current prices, 74 PLEX would command 22 billion ISK. If bought from CCP, the six years, two months worth of game time would cost $US1295. Ouch.

EVE Player Destroys Over $US1,000 Of Game Time [Massively]


    this is also why I wouldn't play eve...i'm just not willing to risk that for a video game.

      The game time (PLEX) can be purchased, and activated / stored without the need to transport it.

      Why someone was moving 74 of them is beyond me, sounds like the Rats picked up a GMT mule.

      Like blake said, it would have been a gold farmer. No normal individual would even own that many plex's let alone be dumb enough to ship them around in a kestrel (which is like the noobiest ship you can get btw).

        you know what, now that I realise it, after reading what you've said that's awesome.

        the ability to destroy the RMT's business...
        That's awesome.

          Take a step back and realise you guys are all talking about a video game... not the real world.

            They're also talking about real money...

              i cant believe there are people on kotaku who use the "its just a game" line.

    It's articles like this that make EVE sound far more interesting than it actually is for most people who try it.


      This. It made me laugh so much. The second paragraph (save for the last line or two), made this sound like an awesome story.


      Yeah, EVE is a game in which you can POTENTIALLY get involved in the most awesome stuff in all of gaming- but if it doesn't pan out for you, it can be a very VERY dull experience. I played the game for almost a year and a half before I came to the sad conclusion that I was NOT HAVING FUN. In particular, after a particularly lame campaign resulted in me getting badly screwed (losing hundreds of millions of isk when I got cut off from the rest of my alliance) I looked back on my hundreds of hours of play and realized I hadn't really done anything fun for almost any of it. So I quit. On the spot.

      Even so, I'm STILL tempted to start playing again. Every time I watch the alliance tournament videos on YouTube.

    Never gave EVE a second though, but reading this has definately made me interested.

    This is hilarious! One game has had so many funny unintended consequences.

    There's this event, there's the time an in-game bank board member embezzled heaps of ISK to sell for real cash...

    Got done for 120mil at Jita the other day.
    High-Sec wtf??

    Lesson1: Never sit at the Jita gate in a crappy ship that'll be destroyed in one volley from a suicide ganker. His buddies will then loot your wreck and leg it. :(

    Shit game. Shit system

    Why hasn't someone made a zombie mmo with a similar premise and good gameplay yet?

      Might be hard to factor in the spaceships?

      It might be easier to pick something else and add it to EVE rather than add the spaceships to zombies.

      EVE has already got pirates, so like ninjas maybe? Yes, that's it. Flying space ninja!?

      Clearly they would need to be cyborg ninja, right?

        Firefly managed it. I call for a Firefly MMO :)

    sounds really good but the controls are crap. and the controls are crap because of the massive 10-20 second lag between issuing a command and having it carried out so if it used twitch controls liek wow it would be unplayable.

    although i found it unplayable anyways

    hey Kotaku,
    last week called - they want their news back.
    future Darius

    I just cant think of any reason why someone would undock with PLEX on board, especially not in a lone cyno kessy.

    Most hilarious kill-mail I've ever seen.

    Viewable here;

    Few inaccuracies with the article, but I guess that's what happens when you post a story from second hand info...

    Most notably tho, it wasn't "Two pirates scanned the cargo and pounced", there was a War Declaration active between the victims and attackers corporation, meaning the act of undocking with the PLEXs in the first place was comparable with running through a lion enclosure with a bag full of wagyu beef cuts...

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