Soccer Role-Playing Game Hits The Stage

Inazuma Eleven is a soccer role-playing game from Level-5, the Fukuoka-based studio behind the Professor Layton series and White Knight Chronicles. The games are very popular and have enough spawned a manga and anime. You know what is missing?

A stage version. Yes, a stage version.

Well, come this September Inazuma Eleven is getting just that. From September 4 to September 12, a live-action stage version of Inazuma Eleven will run at the Tokyo Dome City theatre.

This isn't the first Nintendo DS game to get an official stage version. The Ace Attorney games have previously been adapted to into an all female musical.

Here is a rundown of the actors in funny costumes who will be bringing the soccer RPG to live:

Ryo Sakaguchi will play Mamoru Endou.

Naofumi Kaneko will play Shuuya Gouenji.

And Suguru Onaga will play Yuuto Kidou. Nice hair!

Inazuma Eleven has made live-action appearances before, but in cute anime style costumes. Think that might work better than having grown men with funny hairdos. Thumbs up!

『イナズマイレブン』待望の実写舞台化決定!!!! [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    No, what is REALLY missing, is a English translation! Hurry up Level-5!

    What it needs is an English release!

    Ah Japan, I love you... don't ever change!

    Anyone else recognise the Niko character from Zelda Wind Waker? (The ship's Swabbee, 4th from left)

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