Some New Club Nintendo Prizes For Japan

Live in Japan? Member of Club Nintendo? Then this post is for you.

Japan's Club Nintendo has shown off some new prizes that gamers can snag by redeeming Club Nintendo points that come with Nintendo games and hardware.

There are New Super Mario Bros Wii Nstraps and an Animal Crossing bag. The bag has a pocket!

The Wii Remote straps can be yours for 300 points. The bag is 250 points.


    GODDAMN IT! The best thing in our Club Nintendo store is the Game and Watch DS game and thats like 2500.

    Japan LOVES Animal Crossing, and Mario, no doubt about that! ;)

      I love Animal Crossing, well it was more of an addiction. To date, I have been clean for 7 months. =(

    Only 250 points for the Animal Crossing bag? Want!

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