Sonic Colors Gameplay Excites, But That Theme Song Has To Go

Sega is giving Sonic Colors all sorts of love today, confirming a November release date, showing off the game's box art and releasing this action-packed trailer featuring exciting gameplay and the worst Sonic theme song since "Seven Rings in Hand".

"I'm gonna reach for the stars, although they look pretty far!" Right. I'm going to reach for my uvula and batter it about like a punching bag until this nausea passes.

Luckily for Sega, this time around, the nausea is only over the music and not the gameplay in Sonic Colors, due out November 16 for the Nintendo DS and Wii. I might actually be feeling slightly excited to get my hands on the game. Perhaps the nifty hat isn't the only reason to preorder?

Sonic Colors Gets a Pack Front, Release Date, and New Trailer [Sega Blog - thanks Cevian!]


    I am VERY excited for Sonic Colours. It seems that Sonic Team finally understand what we want. Don't really care about the song, its not like its going to be the soundtrack, its just probably the opening trailer song or menu song.

    Ouch, I think the Auto-tuner is so thick in this song it physically hurt me, of course they try to hide it with about 4 layers of vocals.

    I got to play this at a vendor show a few days ago and I love it, the power-ups are a little tough to get a hang of, but apart from that it's a proper 'back to the roots' Sonic game I've been waiting for.

    Oh and I thought 7 Rings in Hand was a good song.

    So, where does Tails fit in? Unlockable character? Cutscene only?

    UGH! Blink 182 meets T-Pain meets Weird Al, except they siphoned the talent and added cacophony!

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