Sonic's Mushroom Hill Zone Looks Lovely In 2.5D

Sonic fan Robert Medina uses his experience in creating 3D video and imagery to reimagine Sonic & Knuckles' Mushroom Hill Zone as the 2.5D game we always wished Sega had released.

The only thing bad about this 2.5D rendition of Sonic & Knuckles' Mushroom Hill? It's only a video, and not a playable game. Uploaded to YouTube by Robert Medina under the name BlobVanDam, this video has captured the hearts of Sonic fans everywhere. Sgea has even seen it, and they think it's "absolutely awesome."

New 2.5D Sonic Project Showcases Mushroom Hill Zone [Sonic Stadium]


    Well that certainly looks like a (proper) sonic game... although i do have a big gripe.. it looks liek soem of the thingshe's jumping on are in the background - which is just wrong... it's REALLLY bothering me...
    It also still looks a little sluggish..

    BUT i do LOVE the way the sun pierces the trees - it looks absolutely stunning... I'm so conflicted! lol

      I was thinking the exact same thing about the sunlight. Beautiful. I was thinking, or at least hoping, this looks way too good to be someones home project....

    holy crap... sega needs to pay attention to this... that looks awesome

    Just give the franchise to him Sega, it will be in good hands.

      Thirded! This really feels like the old Sonic we knew and loved. When I looked at the gameplay footage of Sonic 4 I cringed at the homing attack... it really annoys me when I see that move. It makes it look too simple on how to destroy your enemies.

      Back in the old Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, etc, you had to direct your jumps more precisely, actually jumping into them. I loved that the most about the game. Now you look at the homing attack. Jump button then attack button, one dead, attack again while in mid air, next one nearby dead, every time it locks on to the enemy, and it drives me insane watching that. I first saw it in Sonic Heroes, and that was slightly forgivable, but on a 2.5D platformer remake, it just looks boring

      You shouldn't need help on doing something that was already simple enough. I can picture the same effect on if a remake of the first super mario brothers had that kind of attack, really just makes one of the most enjoyable parts of the game just boring.

    Count me among those that want a new sonic game to look like this rather than what's been release of Sonic 4, which looks pretty unappealing in my book.

    Nice BG, I'd still dig a sprite Sonic tho...

    geez! That looks awesome. Sega. Hire this guy!

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