Sony Expands PS3 Catch-Up TV With Yahoo!7

Sony Expands PS3 Catch-Up TV With Yahoo!7

You’ll be able to watch more TV via your PlayStation 3 soon thanks to an agreement between Sony and Yahoo!7 to bring the latter’s catch-up TV service PLUS7 to the console in Australia.

Launching at the end of August, PLUS7 streams over the internet direct to your PS3 console. It joins the identical ABC iView service which has been available on PS3 since last November.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – quotes from the Sony and Yahoo!7 executives! Let’s see whether they’re excited, thrilled or perhaps just pleased by this news.

“Sony Computer Entertainment is thrilled to be partnering with Yahoo!7 to offer even more great TV content delivered not only on demand, but also subscription free to nearly 1 million Australian PlayStation 3 users,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. “This announcement reflects our promise and capability to continue to deliver on PS3’s broad entertainment credentials in the new digital media era. This year in Australia we have delivered to the PS3 more music video channels on demand with VidZone TV, more movies on demand with the PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service and now with this announcement, even more TV on demand with PLUS7.”

“We are excited to be making our catch-up TV service, PLUS7, available through PS3 consoles and continuing to be at the forefront of IPTV innovation in Australia,” said Rohan Lund, CEO of Yahoo!7.
“Now, even more Australians will be able to watch full-length episodes from many of Australia’s favourite TV shows streamed over the internet using their PS3 consoles.”

There you go, one thrilled and one excited. Isn’t it all just thrillingly exciting?


  • Hey thats not bad. I have a Sony TV that I got recently that allows you to plug in a USB wifi adapter so you can watch internet TV. I know they have a lot of channels that you can watch via this method… so I wonder if these channels will all slowly make their way over to the PS3.

  • Last time I checked out PLUS7 it didn’t exactly thrill me with the content they had available but who am I to thumb my nose at some extra content becoming available via the PS3

    • Firstly yo reply to your question… yes they have ads.
      It’s kinda like YouTube in a way. Where there would be numerous ad breaks watching on regular TV, there would be usually a 30sec advert then it continues.
      The odd program via PLUS7 will only have 1 or 2 adverts, but some will have something like 5 or 6 which can be annoying.

      Would this be possible on the 360? I ask this because the PS3 has a internet browser, the 360 doesn’t. Hence why the facebook and twitter feeds on the 360 are like ‘apps’ you download and designed for the 360. I tried to access PLUS7 once on my PS3 but the lack of Flash support or lack of Sony updating it preventing me from watching it.
      I gather PLUS7 on the PS3 will work very similar to using the browser just added support etc.. or something.

      I primary use by PS3 for this sorta stuff, so this is good news for me. Especially when I also forget to set my PlayTV for a program.

  • Good news everyone… Sorry, just stoked Futurama is back!

    But this is good news I guess. I do use iview occasionally mostly for good game’s eps that I miss, but yeah, bring on more Free TV. Sure beats paying for foxtel on xbox (have not seen prices or deals?). And that is from me, an xbox fanboy!

  • This is good news, hopefully 9 & 10 won’t be far off with the same partnership. Haven’t had any dramas with the iView service when I have used it.

    Whilst watching via a normal computer is alright, being able to just crash on the couch for the same service, no one can deny isn’t a better option.

  • Xbox are really falling behind Sony, in this regard. MS need to pull their finger out, and start providing access to some of these services. If they want the xbox to be a multimedia machine, it has to be able to access multimedia sources!!

    • What are you talking about, it has Netflix, and last FM, and sky… oh thats right, we are Aussie and get none of this…

      Good point!

      • Bit tough pointing the finger at Microsoft for the Xbox 360 not having Sky or Netflix when neither of those companies do business in Australia. And we are getting Foxtel on Xbox 360 later this year.

        As for Last.FM? Well, you may have a point…

    • Vidzone received an update this week also, with EMI adding ~8000 songs from their catalogue to the service… MUBI is also coming to the PS3, which is basically Netflix for Europe and us…

      The Foxtel deal is something I see as a service on offer that will covers alot of the same things the PS3 is doing… If I was to get Foxtel, I’d be more inclined to get it through them directly and not via the 360 and that will be their biggest problem as alot of people do have Foxtel already.

  • “nearly 1 million Australian PlayStation 3 users”? This is surprising – I didn’t think the PS3 install base in Australia was anywhere near that.

    • You’d be surprised… PS3 is still outselling X360 Shinies.

      And so is just about every multiplatform release. Except Final Fantasy XIII- which it seems Playstation owners got tired-of a lot faster, probably due to not needing to install 3 separate discs to play it…

  • Will it be a stand alone program in ps3 or a weblink like ABC iView?

    I don’t like the iVeiw as much as I should as it is only a weblink via the browser.

    It is not very friendly as it could be if it were from a program not the browser…

    Will they release a program for ABC iView in the future???

    • Agreed, iView on PS3 is useable but it’s clunky because its just a link.
      They did say they were considering doing an actual app for it, much like the PSN Store but who knows if they will.

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