Sony Ordered To Pay 5 Million Yen To Former Company Inventor

Former Sony employee, 58-year-old Hidehiro Kume invented a small optical pickup that is used to read and write discs in the PlayStation 2 and the original PlayStation. He didn't feel Sony recognised his contributions, so he took him to court.

A lower Japanese court rejected Kume's claim he deserved compensation, but the Japanese high court ruled that Sony must pay Kume ¥5.1 million (rough US$60,000) as a reward for his invention.

Kume was seeking ¥100 million.

"I thank the court for identifying some of my contributions to the company," Kume said after the ruling. "But the company should have appreciated my contributions when I was an employee."

Sony is currently examining the court's decision to decide how it will proceed.

High court orders Sony to pay ex-employee 5.1 mil. yen for invention [iStock Analyst]


    "He didn’t feel Sony recognised his contributions, so he took him to court."

    Wait, Sony's a guy?

      Thats what i thought when i read it.. I always thought of sony as a little b**** but i could be wrong...

    Errr providing new compensation terms after the service work has been done is 100% retarded, and only in Japans archaic law system do we see this succeeding.

    Compensation is provided to ensure a worker performs in good faith, so there will be an efficient amount agreed upon before a contract is signed. Therefore since he has agreed to the terms previously he must have known it was sufficient (otherwise why bother going through two generations of consoles).

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