Sony PSP Ad Mocks Apple iPhone Gaming

Apple has taken shots at the DS and PSP. The iPhone has more games, they say. Sony fires back with this ad, basically saying, yeah, but our games are better.

I've seen game companies take shots at each other in ads. It's common. In fact, mocking Nintendo has been a seasonal sport for Mario rivals. But I have not seen a game company take a shot in an ad at Apple before, thinly veiled or not.

[Official PlayStation ad, via Twitter]


    Kevin Butler.


    Mr. Pre-puber-T??

    Pretty cool add though... i wonder if apple will come back and say "wow, well you can buy almost 10 games for 9.99 on your iphone"

    ...they are about a dollar each over there, aren't they? I wouldn't know - i don't own any apple products apart from a really old iPod Nano.. lol

    It's a bit scary that they need to justify the difference between a $1 time waster and actual full fledged game. Relax Sony, Apple isn't stealing your gamers, if anything it's just exposing more casuals to your industry, get cracking on that Wiimote!

    I've had some fun times on my iPhone and iPad, even on the iPhone4 where those graphics can get CRISP, nothing I've played yet really holds a candle to an actual handheld game. I'm not going to trade in my Spirit Tracks for Angry Birds or my God of War for "Heros of Sparta".

    The contrasting takes on mobile is quite amazingly different. With Sony focusing on competing with Apple and bringing out more crap like PSP-honedroid. Then you have Nintendo, who's like "Why the hell do we care about that junk? How many D's does it do!?"

      True, but there is a slow rise in 'less casual' gaming for i devices as companies test the waters. Chaos Rings by SE just did massive sales on iphone and ipad (and I have to say after playing it on ipad I'd really never want to go back to that dark little PSP screen and its buttons). Need for Speed Shift and GTA Chinatown wars were both a fraction of the price that they were on other handheld devices for the same game. Of course none of those are really fully fledged hardcore games but they are a fair few steps from casual.

      What really hurts Sony is not having a distribution system like apple, ie being able to browse games on the store from the device, then purchase and download the game on the spot where-ever you are, with credit card details already on file.

        You mean the PSN?

          haha yeah I should correct that to "What really hurts Sony is that PSN and iTunes/store tick almost all the same boxes but one of them makes cubic shitloads of money". The advantage of a tonne of cheap casual games and 3G connection so you dont have to be in wifi is significant. Sitting on the bus and having the buy it now button there temping you.. I'd be more likely to spend my money on that than lug around my PSP (which I never think to get games on anymore when its sitting around the house).

    To be honest, I've not touched my PSP in the year that i've had my ipod touch. Before that it was only a means to keep myself occupied on the bus, but the ipod covers that and them some. I'll be trading the PSP in very soon.

    Sony, if your games were better, I'd know where my PSP was right now. I don't, so...

    ...sorry, I lost my train of thought, I was playing, you know, a billion awesome games on my iPhone.

      a billion? I too haven't played my PSP in ages, but i haven't found many games worth playing for any large period of time (i.e more than 20 mins when it comes to ipod games)

    It's amazing that since Sony has no chance against Nintendo in the handheld market, they target the "newbie" but even then they fail as Apple doesn't even try and some of the most casual games like Angry Birds has sold some 6 million units, something the PSP wishes it could do in such a short amount of time.
    I also like how they still show PSP "fat" in Ads, not PSPgo since that did REAL good.

    Bleh, this ad says everything wrong with Sony. They use gamer stereotypes, slick filming and quick 'zingy' dialogue. It's incredibly polished, like any PSP game. How many iDevice games fit that description? Maybe 1%?

    It's like Arnie coming on TV and saying "I do not vatch the girly Juno movie for it has no budget, no balls and not'ing blows up"

    In short, they're missing the point. This ad would not appeal to anyone who wouldn't have already owned a PSP at some point. If anything it's like a "You bought a PSP a year ago, good for you. Maybe go look for it and keep playing!"

    It would be embarrassing for Sony to even recognise the iPhone as competition for the DS or the PSP.

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