South Korean Game Rips Off Portal

Upcoming online game Gate has players create portals, here called "gates", to warp themselves to different areas in the game world. Hrm, that sounds familiar!

Portal, released in 2007 by U.S. developer Valve, has players solve puzzles by using the portal gun to open up teleports. Below is a screenshot from the game.

According to website, Gate is a first-person shooter. However, it actually appears to be a third-person shooter. Gate, unlike Portal, does offer a variety in playable characters and weapons, but still.

Details about when Gate goes online in South Korea are forthcoming. That is, if Valve doesn't stop that from happening first. - JC Entertainment,壁に"ゲート"を作ってワープしつつ戦う新作オンラインFPS「GATE」を韓国でサービス予定(GATE) [4Gamer]


    Like my daddy always said. If you are going to rip off a game, why not rip off portal?

    So portals are trademarked now?

    If I remember correctly, Prey utilized portal technology that was almost identical to portal (except you couldn't shoot the portals yourself) two years before it had come out.


    Also, some modders even added that functionality into a later release, with only a very minimal editing of code:

    Moral of the story: Just because a game is popular doesn't mean it is original!

      don't forget that Serious Sam touched on it several years before Prey as well (one of the cool features that was dropped along the way when the series was 'updated')

      And I think Quake 3 and UT also did it, except at that stage it was mostly just for occlusion and optimisation - my how far we've come since then :p

      I guess we can consider this 'homage' to the Portal gun in much the same way as the Doom 3 expansion had a gravity gun.

      But I am curious, if it indeed functions as a third person shooter, how/if they manage to alleviate the camera issues that come about from maneuvering through small openings.
      (and how many nested iterations it can render - after all Portal is the first game I know of that let you render portals through each other at all!)

      Agreed. This post from Kotaku is about as intelligent as the millions of posts WoW players make about how if a game uses a long established RPG convention (such as levelling or *gasp* using a sword) they MUST be ripping off WoW.

      Portals are hardly new territory for games and the game "Portal" is certainly preceded by hundreds if not thousands of years by stories which use the same concept.

      Quick Kotaku! You can jump in "insert any game on a modern console*! They must be ripping off Mario Brothers!!!!!!

    While it does blatantly copy the core mechanic from Portal, there isn't anything wrong with that. By this logic, every first person shooter is a rip-off of Wolfenstein 3D as it's core mechanic involves shooting people in a first person 3d world.

    Video game borrows idea from other video game. News at 11.

    Also I'm pretty sure Prey had portals before well, Portal

    Why not try to be original, South Korea?

    What basis would Valve have for blocking sale of this game?

    It is clear where they got their inspiration, but it's hardly the first time a developer has borrowed game play mechanics from an existing game.

    Where would Valve be if they couldn't make first person shooter games because someone else did it first?

    This appears to be a third person shooter that uses portals as a gameplay mechanic, which, honestly, sounds like a winning combination.

    It's borrowing part of Portal's gameplay in order to make something new. Most every game does this to another game. This is not what we call a "rip-off".

    I remember watching a movie once and there was this good cop after a bad cop, I don't recal the name but I swear it seemed familiar.

    Even then Portal is itself a "sequel" to Narbacular Drop

    This is old news. I remember reading this about a year ago. Not only that, (if I remember the story correctly) it's using the Source engine and Valve is helping them get it up and running.


    Prey's portals were basically doors.

    Have you ever played the game? The gate opens at the opposite side unlike Portal you can just shoot portals to anywhere. and the gate is a very good way to KILL and Move unlike Portal.
    And every character has different characteristics and weapons. Like Jack for ex. he uses a military knife and he can be invisible for a limited amount of time and he can climb walls using his knife. And there are about more than 10 types of the same character. The whole ripoff thing is bs.

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