StarCraft II To Enable Free, Paid Character Name Changes

News from Blizzard today is that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will allow you to change our character name, something our biggest StarCraft fan on the team tells me is "huge".

Blizzard indicates that subsequent name changes will charge a fee, a la World of Warcraft.

They have not revealed the price for those later name changes, but they do say that they want to enable the initial name-change option for the players who didn't realise that their StarCraft II name would be so widely used to identify them both in the game and in forums, community pages and multiplayer ladders.

The name-change option is coming "soon," according to Blizzard.

Free Character Name Change Coming Soon []


    This is pretty nice of Blizzard, and a far cry from the arrogance of other game companies when presented with reasonable complaints by customers.

    Pretty nice?!? Most other online games will let you change your name for free. Blizzard just know how to exploit the situation.


      Most other online games ? I can't think of a single one that lets you change your name......

      Yeah, its sort of sad to look at all the extra stuff you can pay for on your of Warcraft account.
      Blizzard are a brilliant company, but ever since Burning Crusade it seems they've been willing to sell out on anything they can charge for (under the guise of using real world currency to stop people from over using the system).

      It seems like the only reason they aren't selling gold, gear and xp is because they know they can't get away with it.

        In what way couldn't they get away with it? I'm assuming that you mean if they start selling gold/loot there will be a mass exodus from WoW, which might happen.

        Or it might not.

        Given the age of the game I'm sure there'd be a market out there looking to pay a little more simply so they could play the end-game content faster, which really has about 80% of the population at the moment. It would be barely different to what they already did with making the levelling from 1-70 faster when the expansions came out.

        Would it really be a game ender for everyone if they offered good-but-not-best loot available to buy? Like heirloom stuff?

        It may tarnish their reputation, but I think it's a long ways from saying they "wouldn't get away with it".

          Guild Wars had a system where each month a tournament was held in game. Each account was able to put a prediction in (one per account) at after the tournament, special chest keys were given out to people who made predictions, the more accurate yours was, the more keys you got. Most players ended up with at least 10 keys per account each month which were very valuable and could be easily traded to other players for in game gold.

          It's easy to understand, most addicted players purchased 2+ additional accounts for additional predictions and thus vastly more keys and in game gold each month. This resulted in a situation where ArenaNet was clearly selling gold in their game through the proxy of account predictions, increasing their sales figure in the process. There are ways for developers to sell gold in games if they truly want to.

    I dare say a name change in Starcraft is a bit more important than other games, especially at the higher level. If you come up against the same player often you may know their strategies. Different name means an unknown player.

      Or they could just introduce Anonymous match making.

      Unlikely. There are usually 60,000 players on at one time in a region. That and ladder does not lock within servers, we're talking about a hell of a chance.

      If a player has a strategy he favours/disfavours, it opens holes in his game and can be exploited. A good example would be during Beta phase where I was rolling Terran and preferred Mech builds over Bio, with success. A few games with friends and then they got wise, and beat me almost every time with 4 gate rushes etc. This forces players to adapt and be versatile with all tools. Most players have these cues eg. Another Zerg friend who despises Roach builds, but the better ones work around them.

        Not as unlikely as you would think. I know I mainly play custom games but I'm getting to recognize some people I see all the time. In addition with the way the community for Starcraft 2 is people start talking on the forums about awesome people they go up against.

        Your point about known stategies being exploited is actually a point in favour of a persistent name. Starcraft 2 places a larger emphasis on adaptability than most RTS games and I think is one of its strong points. Being unable to adapt is easily the biggest weakness of a lot of players and this will force them to get better if they constantly get stomped because they won't try something new or react appropriately to their enemy.

    "will allow you to change our character name"

    Change our?

    Bwuahahaahah! Charging people to change their name in a game! Blizzard you so funny. Keep exploiting your addicted customers - like a pimp exploits his whores with crack and cocaine. Did the fan on Kotaku staff remove the Blizzard drip feed from his body when he spoke to you or was it over his shoulder while he frantically clicked to get his APS up?

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