StarCraft II's Zombie Horde Mode Mod (AC130K - Ruins)

We've already seen plenty of creative StarCraft II mods change the real-time strategy game into racers, side-scrolling shooters and more. But modder Mads Lund's injection of futuristic, zombie apocalyptic, third-person shooting may be the most promising.

This is Lund's "Ruins", a StarCraft II modification using the game's Galaxy Map Editor tools to create something very different from the standard gameplay of Blizzard's real-time strategy game. Give it a minute to kick in, so you can see how encouraging this mod is looking. Sure, it may not replace a Gears of War horde multiplayer mode for your waves-of-killing needs, but it's a neat tinkering with of StarCraft II's guts.

AC130K - Ruins (Starcraft 2 zombie shooter map) [YouTube - thanks Mads!]


    It's not available yet?

    That is pretty bad-ass.

    Dude... That looks whack. When will it be available?

    it hadn't occurred to me, but every new game release for Blizzard is also basically a call out for job applicants. I mean what else is this mod, other than someone auditioning for blizzard. Still, considering that used to be an RTS, this is very impressive.

      Guess you could say the same about mods for Half Life, Unreal and Battlefield.

      Sometimes people do it for fun, it would be a great portfolio entry.

      Besides Blizzard have said they have plans to let people sell/buy mods and maps through the starcraft 2 interface, which will be coming in the next few months. Check out the big interview in the newest aussie GI if you missed that.

      well its generally the aim of a mod really to get hired or to fix something that the devs skimped out on

    That looks epic! I'll have to try it when it's released.

    Very badass. I've played a few of the interesting mods out there, but this one looks better than anything I'd expect a blown up RTS to look like. The Spectre models, the environments look amazing. Obviously the physics needs some work, but otherwise amazing.

    Anyone know where to grab all these sc2 mods from?

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