Starcraft: The Barbarian

I've clicked on a lot of Thors in my time with Starcraft II, but I've never heard one talk back to me like this one does at around the 1:00 mark.

Actually, I've never heard half this stuff - only endless repetitions of IM HEAVY METAAHL - so thank you, Starcraft tinkerers, for unleashing the game's best unit and showing it in its best light.

Those who haven't seen it, or aren't familiar with it, the line is perhaps the greatest ever uttered in motion picture history.


    A lot of his quotes are references to other arnie movies, and even a Ghostbusters one thrown in there!


    I'd love to know what Arnie thinks of this...
    (Possible he gets royalties for lending "his" voice, like he did his look for T4.)

      It's a parody of Arnie, so I doubt there's much he can do.


    just fyi, for anyone who's never played a Blizzard RTS before... (yes you, under the rock). You just keep clicking on the unit over and over again to get them to say cool stuff like this. any unit.

      works in wow to, bsck in old days bolvar used to tell you to "stop pestering me or I will run you through" or something to that effect when you clicked on him enough

    A friend thought it was "lamination of the women", rather than lamentation.

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