Step Aside! New NeverDead Screens Comin' Through!

Konami didn't have too much to say during its brief Gamescom 2010 press conference today, but it did delight the crowd with a trailer for NeverDead, the action horror game from Metal Gear Acid! director Shinta Nojiri and Rebellion Developments.

Konami also released new screenshots of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game today, a fresh peek at the immortal hero in double-gun gameplay action. Whether you prefer your video game screenshots blue, or you prefer your video game screen shots orange, there's something for you in this NeverDead update.


    Nice bosoms.

    Man the main character is ugly though- he looks like frank west after a bar brawel, and seems to take hair styling tips from phoenix wright...


    While it looks "good".

    It seems rather bland and generic.

    Big monsters and double guns, but i guess it is early days so far.


    I am continuing this trend of saying something relatively serious between comments noting that female characters have female parts.

    Honestly I'm more interested in a horror game with a little action then an action game with "scary" monsters.

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