Still Life With Portal 2

Five more Portal 2 screenshots, from Gamescom where the February 2011 game was proudly shown by Valve Software.


    First pic proves a few things

    1) someone at valve likes anal beads
    2) trolls beyond compare

    The game looks great & all... but it just proves how much the Source engine is showing its age.

    I know this cause half the fanboys out there to scream how graphics aren't anything blah blah blah...
    But with all the money they have, the least Valve could do is work on something more new!

      Perhaps it's just because I play a lot of TF2 but these don't seem to bad to me. As with TF2 a lot has been done to adopt a style where the limitations of the engine don't show so much.


    "Still Alive with Portal 2"

    or is it just me that sees that?

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