Street Fighter, Tekken Creators Duel On Twitter

The creators of Street Fighter and Tekken have been squabbling in Germany. They've been battling (playfully, with pranks) over Twitter all week. Who won? Take a look.

It starts innocently on Tuesday of this past week. Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada shows up at his hotel.

He tweets a photo:

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is intrigued.

But all is not well with Harada.

He gets to his new hotel and...

Harada tweets his room number.

Ono marshals his troops.

They are ready.

Harada prepares.

Ono thanks his fans and then announces he is en route to Harada's hotel.

And shoots a bunch of pictures...

Oddly, this does not bring them together. Harada:

A fan has some fun with this.

Harada wants a piece of Ono.

Ono threatens to strike back.

That's the end of Tuesday. Wednesday starts with Harada posting a picture of Capcom's Seth Killiam.


And then Harada starts showing his own pictures.

It all backfires. We can't see which room Harada went to, but Ono gloats that it was wrong.


Thursday rolls around. Harada and Ono co-host a Tekken X Street Fighter event.

Only Ono dresses as Chun Li.

We capture a 15-minute video of the live-action combat that ensues.

After the event, Harada reveals on Twitter that that night will be "payback time":

A bunch of pictures follow...

By this point, for better or worse, the feud and the pranks fails to seem at all natural, because Ono writes...

And that is pretty much that:

Street Fighter Vs Tekken via Twitter. Draw?

Yoshinori Ono Twitter Feed

Katsuhiro Harada Twitter Feed


    Oh those crazy fighting game makers.

    Hahaha that bear figurine is awesome.

    Another reminder why I don't use Twitter...

    Ok, that was hilarious.

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