Super Scribblenauts Brings Stinky Trolls, Vampiric Dogs & More To Gamescom

The "more" from that headline refers the hyper-active vikings, powerful cheetahs and tiny dragons alluded to in this new Super Scribblenauts trailer, released as part of WB's Gamescom hype.

In addition to getting our hands on the game's multiple control options and its rainbow telephones, we'll be playing the game (again!) this week to see how effective a stinky troll and vampiric dog can be in certain situations.

If you have any requests for adjective-noun combos, don't be shy. We'll try 'em out for you.


    Exploding Placenta

      I see your challenge and raise you an imploding colon.

        I'll call your imploding colon and raise you a contagious spleen.

          Ahh, but you see, your downfall is that a colon and/or spleen are parts of the body. Placenta wins because it is not an official body part.

          I see your contagious spleen and raise you...

          I got nothing :(

          Anyone else feeling a bit meh about this game? I would be more excited if I didn't buy the original on release day, only to get bored of it a week later...

    Awesome Sauce
    Fake Cake
    Delectable Brick
    Evil Baby
    Socially Awkward Cucumber
    Purple Monkey Dishwasher
    Game Boy
    Rabbid Squirrel
    Singing Carrot
    Final Destination
    (I really want to see a F***-Face, but of course, that will not be in there...)
    Intelligent Idiot
    Super Man (try variartions to see if the prefix 'super' gives a superhero equivilent of whatever you like eg supperdog, superwalnut, etc.)
    Extatic Kitten
    Mental Puppy
    Annoying Prick

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