Super Scribblenauts Has Vomit, Corpse-Eating Carnivorous Bikes, Still Safe For Kids

What innumerable whimsical scenarios can Scribblenauts players generate like some sort of god in the sequel? How about knife-wielding murderous computers, flaming snowmen and flesh-eating bicycles? That's just the tip of the iceberg in the still kid-friendly Super Scribblenauts.

That animated assault and the setting on fire of Christmas trees is just the type of "cartoon violence" and "comic mischief" you'll be able to spawn in Super Scribblenauts. Oh there's more! "If players wish to," the ESRB writes in the game's E 10+ rating, "they may type in the word vomit, which causes a beige-coloured lump to appear on the screen." Fine, but what about murderous vomit? Wind-surfing vomit? Will that puke be able to club a skydiver?

The ESRB's colorful description of Super Scribblenauts, which compares favourably to the original game's explanation, is here in full.

This is a puzzle game in which players navigate a series of traps, puzzles, and enemies to collect stars scattered throughout the colorful levels. By typing in whatever nouns they can imagine, players can conjure up a myriad of different objects or entities into the game world. By adding adjectives, players can also modify these nouns to create different word combinations, triggering innumerable whimsical scenarios such as: a "flaming snowman" that can set a Christmas tree on fire; a "homicidal house" that can attack a man; and a "carnivorous bike" that can eat a corpse. Players can also elect to summon "cartoony" versions of bats, bombs, guns, and flamethrowers. These types of items can be used to destroy objects or even other summoned items (e.g., a bat can be used to club a skydiver; guns can be fired at smelly zombies; a knife can be given to a murderous computer to attack a merman). These triggered animations are minimally depicted and are usually accompanied by popping, musical sound effects; bright, star-shaped flashes; or small puffs of smoke. If players wish to, they may type in the word vomit, which causes a beige-colored lump to appear on the screen.

Super Scribblenauts [ESRB]


    can - not - wait!!

    Smack Talking Avocado Pimp, here i come!

      Keep it kid friendly! No pimps allowed. Unless they are allowed. In which case, go for it!

      How about a 'romantic zombie' with a 'witty princess'? Some freaky stuff happen then?

      Or how about a 'vengeful, magic Abe Lincoln' fighting an 'irritating, magic George Bush' using 'laser swords'? Should be just as funny as in Robot Chicken...

    When is it out?

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