Super Street Invaders

I first saw them in the touristy districts of Paris around areas like Les Halles and Châtelet. Then I started seeing them closer to where I was based, in Montmartre. On my travels to Slovenia, I found Space Invaders in the capital city of Ljubljana, and again in London. The French street artist who went by the pseudonym Space Invader had been hard at work.

Preparing his gaming-inspired mosaics in his studio, Space Invader would travel from city to city, “invading” them with his unique artworks – some constructed from tiles, others from Rubik’s Cubes.

To date he has invaded cities from Paris to New York to Istanbul, and even Perth and Melbourne. Paris alone has more than 700 Space Invader mosaics, although some have been destroyed – chipped off by the owners of “invaded” buildings who see the mosaics as graffiti, or by regular folk after a souvenir.

I spent a month living in Paris to improve my French, and in my time there I also went searching for Space Invader’s mosaics. It wasn’t particularly hard – I’d often run into them by chance. With my camera at hand, these were mosaics I encountered during the month of July.


    Hey it's Tracey!

    I also saw one on a building in Thamel, the tourist district of Kathmandu in Nepal. Not sure if it's the same guy though...

    There's one in Perth City's Murray St mall. No idea who put it there, or why.

      Grim: That one isn't there anymore and it was placed there by the original artist.

      There are quite a few around Perth. A quick google search will probably find you a map if you're interested in checking them out.

      I see one on the way home from work every day, on one of the freeway foot bridges. There's another on the corner of Hay St and Rokeby Rd in Subi. They're awesome.

    I recommend the movie, Exit through the gift shop. A great doco (possibly moc doco) about various artists including Space Invader at the beginning

    There's some in Melbourne as well. The missus has some photos of them, I'll see if I can find them tonight.

      Quoted for truth

    Reminds me of a recent episode of Futurama

    Saw this one on Princes Bridge in melbourne sometime last year.[email protected]/3030215972/

    There's 4 in my apartment signed by Invader they sometimes have them in Outre Gallery Melbourne or from Invaders website

    There's one in Degraves St Melbourne too. Up the end towards the other street art, turn around on the stairs and it's on the right hand wall, about roof height.

    Exit Through the Gift Shop is also an awesome documentary, highly recommended.

    I'll be heading back to Paris at the end of the month - hopefully I'll be able to get some pics of the ones made from Rubik's Cubes! They are the neatest ones. ALSO, apparently there is a massive one outside of Charles de Gaulle airport, but you can only see it if you take the shuttle bus out of the airport, which I have never done. Perhaps it is something to do when I leave from Sydney next year!

    I need some for my house

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