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    In an effort to get my credit card under control I now have a set budget for games that I cannot go over. I'm one month in and it's killing me already. There are game out there that I want that I don't own! GAH! It is nice to see my CC balance going down rather up down though.

      For me, the easiest thing I can do to quash my desire to buy games, is to do something like 3d modeling. Not only is it game related (if I want it to be) but it's easy to become obsessed with to the point that you forget about gaming for a little while ;) There's plenty of free apps out there to get you started too! Might be worth considering!

        welbot, do you have any of your 3D work floating around on the interwebs for us to take a gander at? I'd love to see it!

          I used to have a site hosted at polycount when they were hosted by planetquake. since they moved, I don't really have any hosting. well.. actually.. I do. Small amount of space on my ISP. perhaps I can dig up some of my stuff and show on there.

          If you've ever seen a show called The Shapies on channel 9, you've already seen some of my animation work though!

          managed to get a few samples uploaded for you to check out!

          The first 2 are samples of stuff I put in to a ps2 game way back when.
          The mr men were some player models I made for quake 3.
          The rest is just random stuff I've worked on over the years.

          Hope you enjoy!

            I like the spaceship dude. It's really crying out for some exploration into it's style! And when did you work on Shapies? On the topic of that, what are you doing now?

            I dabbled a bit into 3D modelling and animation at Uni. I enjoyed it immensely, and I'd like to pursue it more but currently my creative drive is a bit lacking. I've got three animations (and a mock ad) up on my vimeo:

              I tried to view your vids Tom, but my pc at work is a piece of shit. Only shows like 1 out of every ten frames :0 I'll have to take a gander when I get home!

                Just had a chance to look at your stuff Tom! It looks pretty decent for a beginner effort! With a little more practice I think you could produce some pretty top quality stuff :)
                Are you still doing any 3d stuff? If so, what are you working on atm?

                  Nah dude, unfortunately not much. On top of my creative drive going AWOL for about 12 months, I got married and I'm juggling 2 jobs. I've got a screwing around project going - I'm doing my apartment and my aim is to wreck it all up and make it post apocalyptic or something. Buuut I don't see that going anywhere. Argh.

                  It's definitely something that I enjoy though, and I want to explore. Great hobby if you can get into it :)

            Some very nice work there! What 3d modeller are you using?

              all that stuff was done in 3d studio max. I still use it for a lot of stuff, but I also use apps like 3dCoat these days.
              My work on the shapies would probably have been like 2001-2002 I think.
              As for what I'm doing now, I'm currently working full time as a computer/network technician/consultant. I also do bits of 3d contract work on the side. I used to soley do 3d work, but sometimes it can be a while between contracts, so I wanted something a bit more stable to rely on.
              Glad you like my stuff :) Of course that' sjust a small sample of things I've done over the years. No way I could post everything I've done cos it's enough to fill half a harddrive :0

      I was going to write up an article for this thread on budget gaming, seeing as i have been doing it for quite a while now... maybe this would help you or at least calm your nerves a little?

        Please do! Your always putting in some great tips on scraping by, maybe you can submit it to Dave for a proper article? As an honourary blogger.

      I just set aside money for the games that I know I want to get, and leave some extra for anything on special. Resist! It's painful, but it works.

      You guys just make me feel guilty.

      I used half of my tax return on about 30 or so games off ebay and even now, I'm waiting for about 7 or so of them.

      lol, Steam and Zavvi say "Hi"... I hear them calling your name right now... :p

      Sometimes importing games (ensure you get PAL/NTSC info first for console games) can work out cheaper, if you don't mind the shipping delay.

      I managed to get the uncensored Left 4 Dead 2 from the UK on release, which after shipping came to ~AU$25 less than RRP in Australian stores... 1-2 week wait, and I was happy happy.

      Unfortunately for my wallet, I prefer having physical media (no digital distribution savings for me, no sir!), and I also prefer to get my games new and shortly after release. It gets to be rather expensive :(

        I pretty much only import nowadays. Simply because I'm after rare games and am willing to pay for them.

        As for the latest releases, I'll wait a bit since they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

    So... after a month of enjoying the weather, food, sights, and no-time-to-internet in Europe, I return to find there's no easy way to catch up on what I've missed out on in videogame-land.

    So Kotaku-faithful... since July 1, what have I missed? :)

      Apparently something called a 'Starcraft Too' came out sometime, but more importantly, Chuloopa barely commented last week.

      *takes a deep breath*

      basically, you missed Limbo, Starcraft Two, and a story in talk amongst yourselves about a pirate with crabs. ALso, FatShady made a comment on how the new backbreaker patch is out, chuloopa had his civic smashed so he had to pay for repairs and is saving up for going on holidays again, ANdrew Burdusel has been procrastinating by making us debate the usefulness of using reviews, the majority of users here don't use Twitter/Facebook, some spatter of the best games to buy with your tax return, and i think that's about it.

        Good post.

        But I must have missed it. I use twitter (fatshady_live I think?)

        I mainly use it to keep track of the following:
        Major Nelson/Laura lollip0p for Xbox US stuff
        Xbox Australia and Jinx Oz for Aussie xbox news
        David wildgoose of course (basically song of the day info... apparently)
        Some of the backbreaker development staff
        Redlynx games for trials news and info
        and the rest of the dudes i follow are US underground hip hop acts that I like to keep up to date with..

        Hardly ever post anything and could not cre about facebook!

        Chesty has now found an effective ointment for his crab problem. I have a story about crabs, but I don't think I could put it up here....

          yeh i think so. wildgoose lets most things slide but:

          "Just keep it clean." LOL.

            Ok, this is going back a loooonnnnnnggg time. Its a rather embarrassing story, but its a story which must be told... *takes deep breath*

            So, about 10 years back, I was set up on a date. Universally this is a bad idea, but as I was in a dry spell I thought "what the hell, how bad could she be".
            So I turn up at this chicks house, in which her mum answered the door. +1 awkward factor right off the start. So anyway, out she pops and, she was actually quite pleasant looking, slender, nice hair etc. I was surprised, so we walked out to the car and all is well. We go out for dinner, she seemed quite nice and we got on well.

            I decide to extend the date and took her to a movie. 10 minutes into the film, she starts snuggling. Things were looking up. We then share a first kiss, which was rather delightful. The rest of the movie became one of those exciting moments shared between young lovers when nothing else mattered but each others desire and a growing tension.

            As a gentleman, after the movie I took her back home and we arranged a 2nd date.

            So, on date two I turn up to hear intense screaming/fighting going on with her mum before I knocked on the door. +2 awkward factor. "I hope she's not a nutter" I think to myself.

            So, out we go, we have lunch, and I take her home to my place. Within a few minutes we were at it like rabbits. She removed her top, and I was confronted with inverted nipples.
            Now, inverted nipples are something I had not come accross before. I was fascinated in them. They gave me intense pleasure during the moment of coitus. I made it a challenge for me to make them 'pop out', cause when they popped back in I found it sexually exciting. Kinda like a sticky controller button, but in reverse. (stop looking at me like that loops...)

            So, a day later, I start scratching. :/
            Not taking much notice until that night, when I take a long look in the bathroom. In a moment of sheer terror, I see this little spot wiggle in my penile mane. Then another spot wiggle. I'm gasping for air in shock. I pick a little spot off and take a close look.. Little legs...moving, wriggling on my finger. O.o
            I freak out, running nude to the computer to check on the internet... CRABS!!! Arghghhg! It was horrid. In a moment of madness I shave of my flowing mane, picking away the little critters all night. When the sun rose, I knew I had to make the trip to the chemist. Between the itch of a shaven nether region, and the wandering leggy sensations from down there, I walk like a cowboy into about 4 different chemists, all of which have atttractive ladies at the counter, I can't ask them for help....
            Finally at chemist 5 there's an old bloke serving. There is a god. I think I mumbled something, but he seemed to telepathically reach for crab cream quietly putting it in a bag for me. What a champ, but just as I left the store he calls out loudly "I have lobster pots if that cream don't work". Cheeky son of a...

            Well, after multiple burning applications of lotion I had rid myself of the little nippers. Although I still had a horrid itch from the shaven prickly hairs...

            Rather grumpily, I call her up and said I wasn't interested in continuing our relationship as she gave me a horrid case of crabs. She was quiet upset on the phone.

            I later get a message from her, calling me an insensitive prick.

            It was the next day when it all clicked together. You see, she wore glasses, which were thick, reallllyyy thick. Like I'm talking 1cm thickness lenses... I find out from the friend who set us up that she can only see 30cm in front of her with them on, and nothing with them off. Turns out she could see nothing at the movies, hence why she took to me, out of boredom... Then I realise she probably couldn't even see she had crabs.... Still, I wonder how she coped with all the wiggling down there....??

            So the moral lesson to learn here is, don't be distracted with inverted nipples, whilst fascinating, they are a trap, like cake. Keep your mind on the job at hand, and look for little spots...


              That's one freaky tale.

              Thanks for sharing... No, really, thanks!


              Reminds me of the song "Crabsody in Blue" by AC/DC.

      The only important thing that I gathered is that Arkham City, Arkahm Asylum's sequel is coming out in Spring next year. And game informer's next issue will have a crapload of info it. Excitement. And there's a very expensive GT5 edition for AU. And there's an awesome LBP2 edition for the US, but nothing announced for us. And. And. And. I like cake.

        And Giz posted a monster of a post on Kinect.

          That was a fantastic post. It's exactly why I'm excited about Kinect, even if the software at launch is atrocious. It's ambitious and inventive, and I like that.

      Not sure exactly what game news you are looking for (console? PC? misc?), so this is last week:
      Just scanning through the post titles should give you a sense of the stories, and you can open them at your discretion.

      I'm sure you can extrapolate to find more :P

        Cheers for the (sensible ;) ) reply!

        I replied to this earlier but something ate my response between here and the internet. Hrm.

        Primarily interested in the PS3 gaming side of things I've missed, so talk of SF x Tekken (and vice versa) and no further delays to GT5 have kept me amused.

        Oh and Q's story... wow... in all the wrong ways...

          hehe wow indeed.. i probably shouldn't have, but i couldn't help but lol a few times while reading that :0

    wow! I've been on the phone to microsoft for 30mins now, and all I've managed to do is speak to one person who transferred me through to technicial support :| This is despite my pressing 1 for technicial support, and then on the next menu pressing 3 again for technicial support! All this because a completely legitimate licence wont activate because their system says it's invalid :\ woe is me....

      /me cries..

      been an hour now, and I finally got to speak to a person in tech support. Gave them my case #, only to then be informed that I was speaking to an Office support person, and that they need to get one of the Windows support people to call me back in an hour when they're finished with their meeting :\ Waaaaaahhhhh!! :'(

        Yeah, Microsoft Tech Support lines can be like that. Actually, make that always like that.

        Good luck getting your problem sorted.

          haha yeah it's pretty typical of what I'm used to from microsoft. Just not what I needed first thing on a monday though :0

          To further the hell though, they didn't ring back, so I rang them again. Finally got through to someone another 30mins later, only to be told they were working on it. They did end up ringing me back this afternoon to inform me that the problem was resolved, and transferred me to the licensing department.. who never picked up :0 The guy got back on the line and said they must be experiencing higher than average call volumes, and they'd have to call me back.. like.. WTF!
          YOU RANG ME to tell me you have an answer to the problem, but in order to get that answer, you have to ring me back later?! WHY!>!>>! :0

          This is just a small portion of my days issues, but I just can't let this kind of stupidity go unheard!
          At least I can still laugh about it though. Might commit hari-kari otherwise

            Yeah, that is rather stupid. I suppose these sort of bungles are common for such a large company, though.

            I wonder what the call charges are going to be like o.O

        ARGRHHHRGRH m$ phone rage!!! A couple of years back I'd purchased an oem copy of vista, which admittedly is only supposed to be installed on one machine. Well, I had put together a pc, with a motherboard labelled as 'vista ready'. I installed vista, only to find it would constaly crash due to an unresolvable compatiblity issue with the motherboard... So, I ended up installed xp. So fast forward a couple of years, I went to install my oem vista on a newly built machine, and it refused to work.
        I called up m$ waiting hours, then days for call backs. I went off my nut saying that I couldn't even use the copy I had (which was ultimate) on my vista ready pc, and they could see it had not been used after a week... Anyway, after a few days of asking to speak to their managers, they re-activated my copy so I could finally use it.

        I'll never buy OEM versions again...

    Any iPhone users out there might be interested to know that for a limited time, you can grab yourself a copy of Civilization Revolution for the princely sum of $0!!!

      Haha yeah grabbed that last night!

      Ah, great find! I'll just have to remember to download it when I get home, 81mb over 3G probably isn't good for my bill. :D

    Had a thought a while back, but I think it got lost in the maelstrom that is my mind. Anyway, I was thinking we should organise a Kotaku Drinks Night! Basically, we all rock up to a designated pub, talk about games (bring PSPs, GBAs, Iphones, etc) and whatever else is on the mind, and drink and have a good time!

    Would be good to see some of you guys in the flesh!

      Id probably be up for a Sydney get together. Have to be thursday night or something and we would all have to have some way of identifying each other.

      Where do you get those Hi my name is stickers???

      We should wait until that pub opens up based around gaming and then go there... But yeah, im keen.

      Good idea. Pity that I'm in Perth. And I don't drink...

      But if you're going to do this in Brisbane, why not make it the Mana Bar?

      I'd love to meet some of you guys too! I'm in Bris and was going to suggest the Mana bar, but I don't drink myself, so I'd be happy enough for just a coffee. And as for identification, perhaps a game of spot the K! Few of you guys I'd love to meet next time I'm down Melb way, but god knows when that'll be :0

        We could all wear funny hats. Lets all get those $1 paper party hats

      I'm thinking have a meetup in each major city. Doesn't have to be heaps of people. Hell, I consider a crew of 3 to be a good night. Failing that, we could set up a Kotaku Games Night, where we all fire up a Hamachi VPN and play some old school games...

      And Andrew Burdusel, on the subject of hats, I have this to say. Yes. Oh hell yes.

      So any Melbournites interested in a meetup? I'm in, so long as the venue has wheelchair access, I'm all good. And yes, party hats, or sombreros.

      A legitimate reason to wear my pre-order bonus Scribblenauts hat!
      Who else got one?
      *high fives*

    Anyone here play EVE online?

    I keep thinking about joining and playing.
    It's got pretty ships and the skills seem to evolve whilst you're offline... which appeals to me as I don't get to play online too often.

      I found EVE Online to be somewhat boring, as it's a game that's more about the economy than actual gameplay. At least, that's the impression I got from ~2 hours of playing a trial version, and from all articles/documentation I've seen pertaining to the game.

      But, hey, I was more of a WoW player anyway.

    Since Qumulys is a bit slow off the mark this week, perhaps I should continue in his wake, and kick off this week's community story!

    Our take begins this week with a boy genius.. Let's call him.. Bob! (nice and original!)
    Now Bob was a bit of a loner. He loved playing around in his laboratory inventing all kinds of weird and wonderful things.
    One day he stumbled upon a super-sub-visual signal coming from his tv set, and wondered how me might be able to utilize such a signal.
    After days of toying around, he happened across a wonderous subset of info in this signal, which allowed him to re-create a clone of whatever was on his tv at the time in to the real world!
    Being that he was a bit lonely, he pointed his remote at the tv and within a matter of seconds, who should materialize in front of him but..........

      Rick Astley!

      It seems the Cyberpolice were able to backtrace Bob's connection through his internet enabled television, and Rickroll him.

      Fortunately for Bob, he was a Rick Astley fan, and leaped at the chance to ask his favourite singer some choice questions, such as...

        "Are you going to sue Crysis for defamation?"
        A tear sprang to Ricks eyes "It was sooo hurtful, I don't dance like that do I?"

        Bob looked down at his feet, unable to answer Rick without lying. "Whats important is you've become a legend to so many ppl, giving them enjoyment everyday"

        Bob motioned Rick to sit down, but Rick sat on the remote and instantly vanished. Bobs internet tv flicked to a very NSFW and a pink headed girl plopped into his lounge.

        Bob dived madly for the remote, but it was too late, she had begun her song when......

          More people appeared from the tv!

          Suddenly, they began singing as well:

          Bob was fortunate that he had constructed a portable disintegration beam generator, and was able to eradicate his painful mistake.

          He realised that his new technology was wildly unstable, and potentially dangerous, so he decided to...

            ...take a break from science and wandered outside.
            Just as he was about to exit his back door he heard the sound of rubbish bins tipping and footsteps quickly running away.
            He grabbed a spatula from the kitchen for protection, wrapped his hands in glad-wrap and headed outside.
            It had rained earlier that day leaving the soil soft and malleable. Bob jabbed his spatula back and forth a few times in practice for any upcomming foe he might happen across.
            "Thrrrrrust, parrrry" he said in a Stimpy like voice, with the hope to scare away any nearby intruders.
            Bob felt a warm breath on the back of his neck and looked down at his feet, he was standing in some fresh footprints. Although, these were the prints of no ordinary man, they were huge and pedobear shaped. Bob gulped and turned around quickly, but no one was there, but he noticed the trail of bear prints leading to.....

              the room that belonged to his prized chihuahua! EGADS! They were going to kill little Poopy!

              Bob immediately turned and ran to the room, following the prints when suddenly...

                Poopy let out a big wet one! It quickly spread all over the floor, which in turn made the bear slip and fall. Now covered in stinky wet poo, the bear started to cry. As big and scary as he was, he was really just a big mummas bear! Bob put on a gas mask and carefully tip-toed round the poo puddle and....

    Anyone going to throw a shoe at Conroy?

    ACS(WA) is inviting you, as a past attendee to the ACS Breakfast events, to be part of a Lunch Forum where a wide range of ICT policies will be addressed.

    Senator Stephen Conroy, Federal Minister of Broadband, Communication & Digital Economy is confirmed to attend.

      Please, someone do this. Let's front up some cash as a community and get someone to throw a shoe. Best idea ever, Mojo.

    Anyone go to see "An Evening with Kevin Smith" at the Opera House last night?

    Funny guy, with many an amusing anecdote.

    Had some interesting things to say about working with Bruce Willis.

      I hear they are turning the sydney shows into the 4th DVD. Did you see a filming crew at the show?

        Awesome. Yeah, there was a guy there (legitimitely) filming it. Will definitely be worth a pick-up.

        He is a real talker, went for 4 hours straight without break! Some of the audience questions were a bit much, so hopefully there is some good editing.

      ...the hell?!


      *beats head on brick wall until skull is cracked*


        yeah i didn't hear about it either but then found out it was $55 s wouldn't have gone anyway.

        He is awesome though!

      Awwwww, I would have loved to see him too. Shall we all go through our favourites of his??

        l start... the platypus joke in the text before Dogma even started!

          Haha, that was ace! I loved Chasing Amy, good ole finger cuffs.....

    Well I start my first shift as a Produce 2IC at Woolworths at 5am. Nervous as all hell! To top it off, I'll be alone most of the day and I've never worked at this store before!

    Wish me luck friends!

      good luck indeed! always a bit nervy to start a new job.
      Maybe you can whip up a cool display like this for your customers tomorrow ;)

      Luck is wished.

      However, by the time you read this, you'll probably have finished your shift anyway :P

      Hey, It is 4.57am Tuesday at the time of posting this (still have not slept yet!) but thinking of you... Good luck!

      Hope all goes well, first days can be very nerve racking! Is it true that spraying/dipping of things like letuces into chemicals to keep them green goes on in Safeways/Coles or is that an urban myth? Also, same things for meats? Or must you remain quiet to keep your job?? hehehe

      Thanks guys, it was actually a lot easier than I had imagined. I come from a store that does nearly $20k a day in sales (in Produce alone), so going to a store that only does around $5000 a day is going to take some getting used to. Hell, our load today was three pallets, and they all complained how big it was! (typical load for my old store = 10+ fully stacked pallets).

      On to day two! And glory!

    Obligatory "#(%$* my PC" comment for the week.

    Now hard drives randomly don't detect and Win7 still takes 2-3 mins to boot after a couple of reinstalls. Lesson here is to never try to patch a PC using really old parts to "get by".

      Better than my friend's problem/solution from about 5 years ago...

      Problem: Motherboard connectors are loose.

      Solution: Prop a brick up against the back of the tower, which applies pressure to the connectors and allows the computer to run. Moving the brick by as much as 2cm would cause the computer to die.

      Go figure.

      No hsame in at.

      I just rebuuilt my PC but not before trying to get by. I literally took a PC tower, 2 mobos, 2 HDDs, 4 sticks of ram, 2 processors, 2 disc drives and 2 power supplys down to my local computer store after my PC shit itself and asked them to salage what they could. You know what happened,

      I got to keep the tower casing, one of the PSU's and one of the processors. Everything was either outdated, not working or both.

      Now have win 7, 1TB HDD, 3ghz cpu, 2g ram and a crappy slim 128mb graphics card but all working good (except one of my HDDS is in the shop being tested.

      Good luck.

      I have one of them at the moment, the laptop is playing up something terrible, it can be used for browsing the internet, but as soon you start multitasking it locks up and requires a reboot.

      Some programs will lock up instantly, the computer will lock up when it goes to screensaver and won't come back.

      Norton suggests there is nothing wrong with the thing and a tried a malware program last night as well and it suggests there is nothing wrong either...

      starting to annoy us...

      I query, are you trying to run those drive in Raid? I had similar probs with WD "green" drives. The green feature of shutting down all the time to save power kept either bogging things down, or in the end becomming unstable/destroyed. Also, I think a special 'time out' raid setting on the drives were given a longer time to activate, which actually makes them now listed as uncompatible for raid.
      So, if your planning a raid, don't go for Western Digital "Green" drives. Others may be effected.

      Or I'm completely wrong... Maybe a mobo bios update? Is the power supply ample?

        Interesting Qumulys - The two drives I've got that were playing "now you see me, now you don't" are WD Greens. Time to see if I can turn off the power saving crap I guess!

      So it appears the HDD detection issue was an OSI model layer 8 problem.

      Once I figured that out and enabled the marvell boot rom, suddenly windows booted in < 30 seconds (was taking about 4-5 minutes previously) and all 6 SATA devices now detect properly.

      In other good news, tracked down someone locally with exactly the same m/b as I had previously. Going to grab it tomorrow/tues and get it installed - fingers crossed my Core2Duo hasn't crapped out in the process as well.

    OK, As I have mentioned above, it is 5am and I have not slept. I have been sick since Friday and even after 2 Panadine Forte, Im wide awake and still coughing.

    So what is a man to do. Logged into work and sent a few emails, then decided that I'd look into this steam thing I've heard about. I have literally never even looked into what steam does or anything (fatshady_live if you are interested)

    I am a console gamer and as i can't upgrade my PC for every new game that comes out, never bothered. Saw good games review of alien swarm and had to check it out.

    My question is what else should I look at (demos only atm as I want to test the PC's capability) trying out. Now have win 7, 1TB HDD, 3ghz cpu, 2g ram and a crappy slim 128mb graphics card

    Note that if it is on a console i prob alreday played it and not really into RTS games so no SCII please. Is there anything that is PC only, does not require a 'gaming' PC and will give me another option when I want a quick fun game to play?

    I am currently getting Alien Swarm and the trials 2 demo. Anything else?

      there's a great cheap quick game called audiosurf.
      basically you collect blocks along a track that's generated by your choice of mp3. you play through the song essentially. knowing how much you love trials hd, i'm guessing you'll love the fact you can compete against other people who've played the same song for top score!

      Not sure if Dirt 2 has a demo, but you can really suck yourself in trying to master a track/rally. You know there's also Trials 2 SE, not sure if it has the same tracks as HD, but I FINALLY completed all the tracks. Trust me, if you can complete Diablo or You Shall Not Pass (let alone with no faults) you will become legend staus.

      Audiosurf is a great way to just combine music and gaming, such a relaxing experience, I prefer mono mode. Its a must have, especially if you have a large collection of mp3's on yer pc.

      Also, you can save if your a patience buyer (like me). The weekend sales are where 95% of my purchases have come from, its been a little lackluster lately tho, but just check in each weekend for big bargains.

      u're obviously sick, you didn't even type ur name right!

    Just bragging now...
    Trials HD is turning 1 year old in 2 days time (I'm a big fan of thegame if you have not figured that out) so on the redlynx forum, a few of us were joking about celebrating it and the idea of a cake came up. Anyway, I made a Trials HD themed cake and posted some pics:

    One of the developers "ANBA" just got back to me and said he would be sending me a Trials HD Hoodie and a flag and something else for my son. Pretty cool huh?

      Pretty cool? Try pretty awesome instead! Nice job. And you be getting free stuff for it as well!

      well done shady! that cake looks delish!!! :p where's my slice! :0

      Nice work!
      Cake and loot, what more could you want?.

      AWESOME! Love the little kangaroo sign! How many times did you try to perfect a triple backspin landing before you ate it?

      i wish the bike was edible.. :(

      haha awesome effort mate :) I have a banana/apple cake which is keeping me happy at the moment

      Your dedication to that game has finally paid off! Score!

    Finally finished Resonance of Fate! I think this has to have been one of my most favourite (and frustrating) games ever.
    I really loved the way the story unfolded like little pieces of a puzzle, or cogs in a machine.
    That's 80-odd hours of my life I most certainly do not regret.

    The question now is, what do I play next??

      Good stuff strage - i'm still yet to dive into it as of yet but am certainly looking forward to it :)


        Speaking of costumes....When are we gonna see you and yer staff???

          $%^[email protected]^@%!!&#(^(!$%!!!!!

          Sorry mate i completely forgot - i'll get onto it tonight when i get home whilst the lil lady is watchin... *shudders*... neighbours!

      Wait wait wait wait, you actually understood the story? How is that possible?

        I think I more felt the story than understood it.
        Something about fear of the unknown, religion, machines,the fragility of souls, purgatory, rebirth, miracles and enlightenment...I think. ;-)

        And yes, Chuloopa I think I spent more time deciding what to wear to the final boss battle than I did fighting it.

          If i was fighting a final boss, i'd wear a leather jacket with the armes cut off, so he would know how tough i am... grrrr

    Sorry everyone for not commenting the last few days, I lost a great mate over the weekend due to brain cancer. He was given 2 months to live, and that was 18 months ago. So I say thankyou "Eddie of the Pies" for the extra time you gave us and rest in peace mate. You'll be sadly missed. :(

      aww dood that's harsh :( always sucks to lose friends. sad time indeed. hope you're coping alright.

      Hey mate.
      I was wondering where you had gotten to, but truth be told i haven't been around much this week either. I spent most of yesterday writing up an article instead..

      I'm really sorry to hear about your mate - i remember you talking about him a little while back when you were telling us your story i think it was. Cancer is a despicable disease that i wouldn't wish on anyone. I know it isn't much comfort, but at least he won't be in pain or suffering anymore... I've had a few family members pass with cancer and my grandma probably only has until the end of this year left herself.

      My warmest wishes to you, your family and his - hope you're ok big guy

      Thanks guys. I'm really sad for his young kid, he's only 8. Funeral is next monday :( But as you say, at least he's not in pain anymore.

      I feel like I should hug you. Yep, I'm gonna do it. *hugs*
      The people you care about dying is always a difficult thing to come to terms with, even if you've had some time to prepare. My deepest sympathies to you and all who knew him.

      Deepest sympathies to all concerned. 8 years old and without a father is not fair.

      I'd say more, but there's not really much else to say, is there?

    Hey guys!!!
    Thanks to Q-bo's constant reminders, here's the pictures from the costume party with me dressed asa necromancer with a home made staff and my lovely significant other as Bo-Peep... reow!


      Nice work on the costumes loops! I'm always too lazy when it comes to costume making myself. Love the staff!! Looks very wicked!

      [Insert 'staff' and 'knob' joke here, because I'm so classy like that]

      Also, apparently tinypic thinks a suitable sponsored story to your necromancy is "Girls entering puberty at an alarmingly young age". Hm.

      Reeeoooowww indeed! Such a cute face and great legs and your lady's not bad either! For some reason, that staff is wayyyy awesomer than I was expecting, did you make that completely from scratch? You could probably sell them, the market for necromancer staffs must be huge!
      In all seriousness, well done to both of you, top job :)

      Sweet threads. Did you make that yourself? If so, epic.
      And that's one Gothic looking Bo-Peep, if you don't mind my saying so. Could just be the light, or could be because she's standing next to a Necromancer, but she's looking awesomely creepy :P

        It's only because she is shrouded in my evil aura of awesome

          Ah, so you're the Corrupter of the Innocent, Dark Fiend of the South?!

    Happy holiday to Bris people!! Hooray for Ekka!

    Guys (and Girls?)

    I have heard that it is bad to wrap the cords around game controllers when they are not use or in storage.

    Why is this and what can it cause?


      Ah. This notion.

      I usually never wrap cords around controllers for precisely this reason, and because a controller of mine (N64) has actually broken from doing so, but if you do it very carefully, you should be fine.

      Basically, when you start wrapping, you probably accidentally pull the cable taut to begin, which can end up pulling the cable out of the controller (which is what happened to my N64 controller).

      I found a good alternative is to use cable ties or elastic bands to hold the cable in a 'folded' position (i.e. take the cable, fold itself over so now it's twice as thick but half the length, rince and repeat until it's of a manageable size).

      Hope that helps. If you have more questions, feel free to fire away.

      Well as i know from experience, it destroys the inner cabling - especially where the cord meets the controller.. It's not really meant to be bent there repeatedly and for long periods of time and causes the wire inside to fray or completely loose contact where it's joined... hence controller no worky...

      ...because of this i need a new PS2 control... i should really start listening to people... lol

      Haha... I read the first "I have heard that it is bad to wrap the cords around..." bit of your post, and then thought of this article I read earlier today...

    Where is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World? Why isn't it in Playstation Store? The Ubisoft website said that it will be out in Australia on the 11th. RAGE!!!

      It will probably happen late at night when the rest of the PSN store updates.

    Hey peeps, so can anyone recommend a cheap and small laptop I can use for Uni work? One that is used for reading and writing assignments. Preferably with a long battery life and decent speed. I’m just so tried of having to print out 40 page PDF documents when I can just read it in class.

    I’ve heard the ASUS EEE series is good. Anyone know what the deal with that is?

      Most netbooks are pretty much the same specs these days. usually 1.6g processor and 1gb of ram. I bought my wife an MSI Wind last year, and she looooves it. It has the same specs as the eee pc, except for the webcam. It actually has a higher resolution than the others around. It was also cheaper at the time. Not sure what they're worth atm, but I'd definitly recommend looking in to it.

        I imported an EEE recently (1001HR?), after looking at that and the MSI Wind. Most price differences these days seem to correspond to lower-res vs high-res screens, and battery life (which is primarily a product of battery cells, processor consumption).

        Me being me had to go for the high-res plus 10+ horus battery life, so ended up paying just over $500. For $100-$200 less I could've gotten similar specs, just with a lower res screen plus shorter life.

        Aside from that, very happy with the netbook. Don't expect the world from multitasking or cpu-intensive work, but you'll be fine for uni notes/pdfs.

    Holy crap, guys!!

    GOG have just released Raptor: call of the shadows 2010 edition!!

    This has to be among my favorite games of all time and now it's been revamped and re-released (and DRM FREE yay!).

    Best part, it's only $6US!

    If ANY of you haven't played this yet - GET IT!!


      Oh - and you get the kick-arse soundtrack as a bonus!


        Comments so slow you have to talk to yourself, huh?

          Indeed! lol

          ...well that and i realised AFTER i made the initial post :P

          Only Chuloopa can keep up with Chuloopa's comments!

        indeed it is a kickass game! think the thing i liked about it best was controlling the ship with your mouse! so damn easy!!!!

    In case anyone on the planet is interested. Dick Smith stores are selling DJ hero on 360/ps3/wii for $49

      Damn! I'd be interested for that price, but I already have it.. I wasn't lucky enough to get it anywhere near that cheap though :0

    Just came back from watching Scott Pilgrim. It was quite awesome. It's the best comic adaptation I've seen, and quite a great movie :)
    Go watch it people! And read the comics as well, they're awesome! And I'd say something about the game as well, but I'm currently downloading the demo...

      One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a while. I'll second the recommendation to go see it.

    Anyone that has Foxtel, switch over to channel 638 (Discovery science). This awesome program called I, Videogame is on. It’s focusing on the history of story in video games.

    I was at my local EB today and saw the GOTY edition of Batman Arkham Asylum for sale. If I had a spare $80 I would have snapped it up right then and there. Anyway the thing that caught my eye is that this game is being marketed as “now in 3D” the same fashion that movies these days are.

    What surprises me is that we haven’t seen a flood of games with the 3D tacked on as an afterthought, bar a few Sony titles. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for games in general. On the one hand we don’t have to sit through a whole lot of games that make no use of 3D. But then we have developers that will spend a lot of money trying to do something that is totally new to them. I’m worried that in a year or two we will start seeing video games designed from the ground up specifically for 3D, but still executed really poorly. Maybe it would be a better thing to start rereleasing a lot of games in 3D just to iron out the bugs and testing the waters before you really dive in head first? I don’t know how much time and money it costs to affectively convert a game from regular to 3D. I’ve heard that with movies it costs 10% of its total budget.

    We probably have to sit through a whole lot of video game versions of Alice in wonderland before we get a video game version of Avatar (don’t laugh, you know what I mean) Or better yet, a 3D version of The Hurt Locker, how awesome would that be.

      I was looking on the nvidia website aound the time I first played Batman AA, and it said on there that the game supported 3d, which gave me the impression it always had. Maybe it's more of our aussie delays playing catchup again. Either that or it's just a marketing ploy.
      I've been playing 3d games for years now. I started with games like SiN and quake 3 with anaglyph glasses just to see what it was like, and it was not too bad considering. Not sure about ATI, but nvidia cards have been able to apply 3d effects (for anaglyph and shutter glasses) to just about any game for a long time! Given that, I would hope that some of these developers would use that experience to help make their games MADE for 3d feel even better! Given the way it used to feel playing 2d games with 3d filters applied though, I would certainly look forward to seeing some more. It is quite immersive when you have a sense of depth and distance. Just makes me wish I had a set of shutter glasses for when I played Mirrors Edge! :0

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