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    How about that.

      Due to an extended-hangover from Friday night, I spent Saturday night watching the election coverage, and chasing up forum threads about Gt5 and the PS3 Jailbreak.

      Quite surprisingly, it was more entertaining than it sounds :)

      Great if you're a Greens supporter, especially in Melbourne. Not so great if you support one of the major parties or would like to see something get done in the next 3 years without going to the polls again.

      I guess all it proves is that this election campaign was so godawful that neither Labor nor the Coalition deserved to win and Australian understood that. Maybe we should go to the polls again and this time they'll try something more than just relentless mudlinging.

      If that happens, at least we'll get to see more Gruen Nation.

        That show was the best thing to come out of the election.
        I don't think I'll ever get tired of the clip of EVB Sampson and the creepy son.

          That was classic!

          I liked that his two other sons were "too busy to be here"... what could be so important that you can't attend the filming of your dad's big TV ad!?

          Perhaps they were already in jail...

      The exact reason why i had never voted before and i'm 25... lol

      This was my first time voting and what a first time.. 2 incompetent candidates and a bunch of independents that you may as well be throwing away your vote if you vote for them (unless you were voting on the seat for melbourne lol).

      Seriously, both Labor and Liberal are practically the same party now.. only difference is that Tony Abbott is a Terrifying man that pretty much wants to strip the nation down and put us further into a nanny state..

      CBF federal government... CBF...

      I think i may just move to New Zealand.. or Canada.. or something...

        Why are all the countries that are worth moving to for political reasons always so cold? Are politicians really robots, or trolls, who only function well in lower temperatures?

        If so, I'm off to Alaska. . .wait a second. . .

        New Zealand just hasn't been the same ever since Skeletor (/Helen Clarke) got booted out.

      A hung parliament just goes to show that neither candidate is simply worthy of the position of PM.

      I'm only annoyed at the result because it simply means this immensely boring political occassion is going to last that much longer.

        OR It could mean that they were both TOO AWESOME to be PM!

        Lackluster result for a lackluster campaign IMO. Is it just me, or were 99% of the ads leading up to the election, just poo pooing the other party?

          Yeah. Waaay more noticeable in the last few weeks, where they both ended up using grainy photos of the other leader splashing lines like "One hundred MILLION dollars!!!211!" and "workchoicesworkchoicesworkchoicesworkchoices". Whoever made the rule that there was to be no more political advertising after Wednesday night deserves a medal.

          s'funny though. Apparently one of Joe Hockey's Twitter, er, twits (?) reads "In another hotel room watching another ALP hate as full of bile against Tony Abbott... what is their positive agenda for our country?". Hah.

            A common phrase I heard this election is a lack of vision for the future.

            I've also heard the word 'Bile' alot. In my opinion, the only thing I can associate bile with nowadays is Mark Latham.

            Actually, I wouldn't mind re-voting if this hung parliament doesn't sort itself out. Might just then follow Latham's advice.

            (Bish, thanks for fleshing out the story for me for Resonance of Fate on PALGN.)

              Hah, it was pretty poorly fleshed out, considering I didn't understand anything that went on in the ending or the events leading up to it. Probably the most important part. =P

              Also, Latham and K-Rudd's gallbladder could totally be BFFs.

    Well it's a monday. And I have lots of assignments due. But I found (well, Simon Pegg's twitter) the most awesome song ever, the title of which sums up my feelings to assignments. But it also has a great video and is just a great song. But I should warn you it uses the f-word a lot.


      holy heck.. i'm bopping around like an idiot!
      That song is brilliant!!!


      Lol, that was a great one Notorious!
      For some odd reason it reminded me of this clip, its old, yes, but hilarious, trust me. can you possibly make such a connection?

        Still, that video was great!

          I dont know...? Maybe the soulish flavour? Who knows, All I know is translating Joe Cocker is freaking hilarious. Loops, you must watch it!

            haha yeah, sorry i only just got around to commenting now :p

            Bee and i watched it last night... f me it was brilliant! hahahah

            I never knew Joe Cocker was such a whacked out hippie...

            Either way, it then spawned us going through youtube looking at misheard lyric videos...

            Awesome, awesome stuff!

      I've been hearing this song on JJJ a lot lately. Loved his work when he was in Gnarls Barkley! Such an awesome voice!

    The Medal of Honor debate has struck British shores.

    I cant see retailers banning the product, especially if theres big money to be made of the back of a huge EA marketing campaign.

      Erm, have they never heard of Counter Strike?

    Finally finished Might and Magic 7 over the weekend! What an epic journey!! Forgot how long those old rpg's were! Graphics aside, I still think that game whoops the ass of most current gen rpg's!
    Only problem now is, for the past 3 weeks, first thing I've done when I get home is jump right in and play. Now I've got nothing to look forward to. Hopefully I can replace it with an equally addictive game that will keep me yearning for more!
    Anyone else had that kind of addiction? Loved a game so much that you just played it every chance you got, and were then kind of sad when you finished it?

      always. i remember when i finished gta 3 vice city. it made me sad. It felt like i knew all the places etc. etc. and it was a part of me. =[

      You could always argue that after that you can just play aroud in the sandbox, yes, but then it would have no aim if you know what i mean?

      Chrono Trigger. If you've played it, you'll understand why.

        yeah, i'm with you on this one, mate.

        I also cried when i finished Dante's Inferno.. but that was because i was happy is was over... then i burnt my house down because i was so angry that the ending left room for a sequel :p

      I played Might and Magic 6 twice. I preferred it more to Might and Magic 7.

      Otherwise, FF8 does it for me.

    Ok so Man United drew with Fulham, (Which is better than 2 losses in a season... I guess. Knew i shouldn't have put that multibet down) I've got to organise 3 events in an amazing race for uni, I've got 2 assignments due this week, 4 hours behind in lectures, one mine design lab to complete, AND i won a copy of kane and lynch 2 from eb games which i anticipate to come today.

    I need to do some proper work now. =[

    Just an announcement that i had my arse thoroughly handed to me last night in a game of puzzle quest kingdoms on wii.

    I paind $10 for the game at Dick Smith, and since sitting down and playing it with Bee, she is constantly creaming me. I won 1 out of 6 games, and every game i lost she absolutely wiped the floor with me... i'm actually WORSE at a game than her now.. i... i don't quite know how to feel...


    ...she called me a big baby... :( lol

      I often get my ass whooped by my wife at guitar hero, and I'm certainly nopt what you'd call a bad player. Worst one though is Puzzle Fighter. She's an absolute machine. I'm lucky if I can win 1 out of 30 matches!

        hey that's a great idea.. i should fire up the old Saturn for some Puzzle Fighter.. i've owned it for ages yet have still never played it...

        Oh, on a side note, she ALSO whoops me at GH... so i tend to play cooperative with her :P

      Hahaha...we got it at the same price and I know what you mean. Have you noticed how random and uneven your character's defence and hitpoints are in multiplayer?
      If you set your players at at 'Very Tough' it tends to even out a bit more.
      And you probably deserve to be called a big baby. :P
      My husband turns into a big thundercloud when he loses anything, it's so bad it almost makes me want to let him win. Almost.

        Yes i have indeed noticed that. That's why we ALWAYS play on "Very Tough"... besides, it makes the game much more interesting that way :)

      I'd just let you win honey... *wink wink :)

        yeah.. but we play different games.. haha :P

    So PCCG has no listing for the Sidewinder X5 or X8 mice, where I was planning to buy one of them.

    Does anyone know what reason they've disappeared?
    I'm thinking they're not going to stock them anymore, due to if they ran out of stock (and would still be selling) they'd actually have the product pages up.

      I also noticed this last week, no idea why they are not there. But as you say, if they were just out of stock then they would still be up on their site - maybe best to contact them directly.

    Donkey Kong.

      Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja

        My little pony... oh.. wait...

          Cheese is a kind of meat!1!

            A creamy yellow beef!

            I can't even remember the name of that show now, but I do remember that freaky cheese guy, and the mod wolves.

              Lol, ahh yes, the mod wolves. It was from The Mighty Boosh!

    Started getting back into Leauge of Legends lately. Starcraft II occupied most of my time for a while, but It's started to die down a bit. RTS just takes way too much out of you, you can't relax like when you play a game like Lol!

    Where's my Q-bo!?!?

    Has Red Dead Redemption stolen you for keeps?!?!

      YES! It has got my by the wiggly's. I can barely think of anything but just crusing on my steed Muffin's into the sunset, camping out on a starry night... I've amassed thousands of dollars, but only done about 5 missions so far! I'm just waing to find me a Ram, split that sucker open and see if jelly-babies spill out like a pinata.

      That, and I've been working. But, I now have a sick feeling in ma little tummy, hearing about losing the Goose :( He gaves me a face sad.

        makes everyone sad. =[

    So, Kotaku friends, does anyone feel like helping me create a book?

    I've always wanted to write a book, or series of books, but I have this crippling problem. I call it the CBFs. You may get it now and then at work.

    I have some great ideas, action scenes, characters, etc laid out in my head. Even have a few dozen pages or so on my hard drive I've written over the years, only for me to abandon them to the fog.

    I ask now, rather than at a previous date, only because I have finally come up with the overarching storyline in my mind. Basically, it would be a historical epic/sci fi/techno thriller. I don't want to say much here, but it would involve the ancient city of Troy, epic battles, centuries of conflict, etc.

    Basically, would anyone be keen to help me co-author such a project? No matter if not, but if anyone would like to at least provide me with the cure for my CBFs then that would be welcome too!

      What would said co-author's co-authoring duties be? I'd like to help out but I'm really bad at writing dialogue. Probably because I'm socially awkward and conversationally challenged in real life. :P

      Regardless, just remember to be careful who you share your ideas with. People suck and you don't want someone to steal your hard work before you get to fully realise your vision.

        Precisely why I didn't want to say too much on here. But said co-author would basically get me started, write alternating chapters, etc. Whatever they wanted to do really!

      So nobody? It's cool, I finally have my opening, even if it is a little cliched... If anyone would care to proofread for me in the future though, that would be tops!

        I'll volunteer my services for proofreading. I dunno how well I'd go with contributing though.

    I'm sorry kotaku, but I've had to hit up adblock to save me from the Mafia ads. Two animated movies? A bottom banner that spends half its time covering my comments box so I can't read what I've written? It's just too much.

      Yeah, I've only got 500MBs of quota left for the month, and I think it was burning through it. =(
      *waits for it "Or maybe it was the copious amounts of porn you were looking at!" comment*

        Or maybe it was the copious amounts of pr0n.. oh... damn!

    When Mr Wildgoose leaves us all by our lonesome and his replacement comes along, could it be a junglist/hex scenerio all of again?!

    The bloodshed, the hate... so horrible, so so horrible.

      UNLESS, we get Jung to try and fill his shoes?

      Anyway, isn't the key difference is that Wildgoose is leaving voluntarily, and Jung was fired?

        Yeah true I just hope that someone like David who actually writes/generates his personal opinion and point if view on issues is hired not someone that is good at copy and pasting.

        David, will you actually have a say in your replacement as you would have the best idea about who we, the readers, would like.

    Also, nearly forgot! Anyone got the new Gameinformer, with Arkham City info? I did. I'm very excited for this game. And I also got a free poster! Wheeee!

      And yet it told me nothing.
      It was a few pages of some guys playthrough.

      No mention of how the improved detective mode works.

        True, but it was more about setting up the story. Obviously I would've liked more details about Detective mode, combat and gadgets, but I suppose we'll have to wait. They can't just reveal *everything* now, can they?

    I had a massive fight with my friend over a game of HON, it was stupid, but we both rage a lot in games and it really effects our friendship.

    True story. Unbelievably stupid, but sadly true.

      Then kiss and make up.

      Actually, scratch that. Only works with your girlfriend.

      But seriously, just stop playing games 'against' each other and start playing 'with' each other.

    Guys you gotta check this out !!
    David perhaps you could pop up a post for this unless I'm too late ??

      Already posted.

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Windows 95
    Happy Birthday to you!

      hahaha best post of the thread!

      Also Happy Birthday to Goldeneye 007!

      Happy birthday to my gf's mother (I figured I'd just mention it as these are all birthday posts)

        Thanks, kiddo!


          I'll be taking you out to dinner tonight btw.

          No joke. I seriously am. So yeah, wear something nice and I'll pick up the bill.


            Jumping on the coat-tails is I, to say...

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my littlest daughter who turns 10 today!!! Only thing is, I have not seen her, or hugged her, nor will I be able too. Its making me pretty depressed... You see, she's off on her first school camp and doesnt get back until tomorrow. :(
            BUT I managed to sneak a couple of little pressies and cards to her teacher. As a surprise, when she gets home she will see her real present which was a complete bedroom makeover! Hope she likes my colour choices!

              You sound like an awesome dad.

              It was actually my girlfriend's dog's birthday 2 days ago.

              But yeah, I'll just leave it at that...

              Cory's right.. you sound like a hell of a dad! That's gonna be one kickass surprise! Good thinking on getting the teacher to give her some stuff too! Doubt my parents would have ever done anything like that for me.

    I'm torn between getting Dead Rising 2 on PC or 360. PC preorder is up on steam for the cheap price USD$39.99 and is being released around the same time as the consoles. Better graphics to be sure but the exclusive case zero and wanting to stick with the same platfrom as the original iz making me lean to the 360 version.

    I guess I could do the sensible thing and wait for a steam sale and pick it up for $5 later down the track and get the 360 version first!

      i went against my bargain hunting ways and pre-ordered the Outbreak edition for 360... lol

      if your worried about cost though, you can get the zombrex edition cheapish if you import

      Zavvi, of course, is in british pounds, but ozgameshop is in AUD

        Cost isn't the issue but rather which platform is going to give me the best experience. Hopefully Capcom will release a benchmark demo shortly so I can see how well the game will end up looking on PC.

    Was at my parent's place last night and while there decided to take the good old Xbox1 back home.

    Hooked it up to my 46" LCD and booted up Wreckless and KOTOR 2. Oh my, they don't look too good on a big screen telly.
    Really blurry textures! I might have to play them on a small CRT TV else my eyes will be sore. :-(

      And on the other side of the spectrum, I mostly play my PS3 on a ~30cm CRT TV.

        How are you coping with the text? I used to play my X360 on a small CRT and in some games I could barely read the text.

          Pretty well, actually. Between Demon's Souls, Uncharted, Yakuza 3, Resonance of Fate, Transformers WFC (etc, etc...), no issues so far. The text-heavy RPGs certainly have smaller text, but nothing absolutely unreadable.
          According to a friend, only a few games suffer from cripplingly tiny text, like GT5.

            Ah the programmers did a good job then.

            Hmmm I should boot up the old NES and see how that looks on a 46" hehe.

              ohmanohmanohmanohman I had to try this.
              Pics of my NES connected to to a 35" (or so) Aquos.
              Guess the game!
              2&3: ,
              4 (so obvious):
              (I also had a Gradius shot, but all that pew pewing made the image blurry =( )
              The colours are kind of gross, but it's not ...terrible. It's bad up close (I was maybe playing half a meter away from it) because you can see all these little graphical artifacts, but standing back made it all better. I guess 2D sprites scale alot better than old 3D?

                Hehe not too bad.

                So let me get this straight:
                PS3 is played on a 30cm CRT
                NES is played on a 35" LCD

    So the censorship in china with wrarth of the lich coming out any guesses on how they'll change marrowgar?

    For the none WoW fans...Mafia 2...what'd you think of it so far?

    For fans of neither...Boobs (.Y.)

      Probably turn him into a giant blob. Or a rock monster. Or chairman Mao?

    Best day at work EVER! Started at 8am, finished at 11:30am! Still paid for full day though! WIN! If only everyday could be this cruisy!

      Still at work. Although I'll be leaving at 3pm to go to uni. And from there, dinner with my girlfriend's family.

        hehehehe from your earlier post anyone would think you were taking your gf's mum on a date ;)

          I'm not. Just taking them all out to dinner for being supportive of me over the years.

    Does anyone watch Deadwood (Tuesday nights on ABC2) or has watched it before? It's really good and addictive and awesome!

      Search Yes, really enjoying it. Can't believe it took me this long to get into it. Except... I looked in my TV guide on Monday and thought "oh, looks like Deadwood has changed nights". Turned on the television and, whoops, turns out I was watching Torchwood.

      It is all kinds of awesome.
      Too bad it got cancelled.

      I've had all 3 seasons for a while.

        Oh man... Still. 3 Seasons. 2 more than firefly. And yet just as awesome.

          Be wary this show is brilliant! But ends suddenly :-(

          I firmly believe TV studios should have to be legally bound to provide a proper ending for fans that support a show through. They made their money of the fans, I believe the owe them!

          Having said that if you like deadwood once your through it try Carnival. Its also brilliant and also killed after 2 seasons (although has a more rounded ending because they knew it was coming).

          I am also currently watching Mad Men and it has the same slow moving pace of Deadwood. It is set in the 60's based around the lives of advertising exec's on Madison avenue. As I said it is slow, but this seems to be its sting suit. Just like deadwood when something does actually happen you notice. The impact of it is sometimes shocking, and very much more realistic.

          Finally the 1-4 series of Dr Who ad 1-3 Series of Torchwood are brilliant story arks that work well in together (crossover and such, watch them in the order they were intended for the best effect). They can be a bit tacky sometimes but the writing is brilliant and both doctors were great (esp Dave Tennant, what will the Doctor be without him).

          I have not started watching Series 5 yet but Stephen Moffat is head writer I believe and he wrote some of my favourite things (inc some previous Dr Who Episodes).

            Doctor Who and Torchwood are awesome! David Tennant is an excellent doctor, better than the current one that is Matt Smith. He's not bad, is just that he's not as good as Tennant. But Moffat's writing is brilliant, probably better than Davies, so it all works out!

    Just got caught up on all the Bioshock: Infinite stuff. Who else is really glad they didn't do a Warren Spector and come out with 'Epic Bugs Bunny'.

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!~

    I mean.. LEADER!

    how bored was I this arvo :0 Tribute!

      That. is. AWESOME.

      Nice job!

        That was crazy wicked! ASK ME STUFF should now have this picture instead! DAVID please please please!!!


      looks like someones in line for another CSA :P

      awesome job mate!

      hehe Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you all got a kick out of it!

    omg! I almost had an accident.. IN MY PANTS!!



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