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    Here's a shortlist of games that I have never quite grasped the whole storyline of:
    Halo series
    Metal Gear Solid 2 - The Raiden part
    FEAR - Too scared to listen to the story
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Bayonetta - Which witch is which?

    I struggle to immerse myself completly in these games and it annoys me that I'm playing a game but I don't fully know what's going on.
    What do you guys think

      Halo - Masterchief vs the Covenant. And then some other crap happens.

      Metal Gear Solid 2 - Raiden was an evil kid who killed heaps of people when he was young, somehow shuts it all out when he's older and then gets sucked into one big experiment (Solid Snake Simulation) in order to reproduce the ordeal that Snake himself went through on Shadow Moses Island in the original.

      FEAR - Never played it

      FFXIII - Some people get tattoos involuntarily, call themselves L'Cie because they think they're French and do everything they can to make the tattoos come off later.

      Bayonetta - Bayonetta is an Umbra witch. Jeanne is a Lumen Sage. One is white. The other is black.

        Actually in Bayonetta both Jeanne and Bayonetta are Umbra witches.

      I'm prone to let things slide if I'm enjoying myself. Usually, as sad as it is, I figure that stories are just a tasty addition on top of gameplay, and if there's a good story, great, if it's a lame/stupid/convoluted/cliche story, that's not great, but it won't stop me.
      The general exception to this (for me) is RPGs, where story is usually is the thing that keeps me pushing on through 50+ hours of gameplay. I grew up on (SNES) RPGs so I like to think I have a high tolerance, but I still need something serviceable to encourage me to bash in the face of the final boss.
      But for FPSes, it only serves as a brief explanation of why 5 minutes ago I was in a warehouse, and now I'm in a office corridor, and that's okay with me. I liked the Halo (1) story, but FEAR was more about the atmosphere for me.
      I don't know what the crap Bayonetta was on about though. I was too busy being embarrassed that I was playing the game. I mean, really guys, it's okay if you don't do close ups of her barely covered lady bits. I dare say the game could do without them.

      FEAR's story started off ok enough... but then i kinda got lost.. mainly because the game just got so damn boring and repetitive so i just stopped caring.

      Alma made me poop myself a couple of times though, which i must give the game Kudos for.

      Halo's plot is kinda complicated, but at the bear essentials:

      The UNSC (which is basically the militarised government of the future) is in a war with a collection of alien races called the Covenant, who are want to wipe out the humans for religious reasons (which are explored more indepth in the second and third games). While fleeing a Covenant ship, a UNSC ship comes across a ringworld they call Halo. The Master Chief explores Halo and discovers it's a super-weapon designed as a last resort means to kill the Flood, which a parasitic alien. It does this by killing its food, which is basically everything, so the Chief plans to destroy Halo before the AI that runs Halo activates it himself.

      That's the basic storyline of the first game, anywho...

    Good morning guys and gals!
    Another glorious (cough) Monday morning!

    So it was my sister's 23rd birthday on the weekend and she FINALLY got an Xbox 360 (elite the bish - hers is now officially better than mine) which is all well and good, as well as a slew of games to play on it (in fairness she bought a lot of them from game in preparation for here birthday) and one of them, of course, was the ODST that comes with the console.

    So i don't particularly LIKE Halo and i haven't played a Halo game since the first one which i completed and was very underwhelmed with, so i though "hell lets fire this up and see what its like"... i mean everyone is always raving about Halo and how great it is, so maybe i have been too harsh judging the rest of them based on the first...

    Once i got it up and running on the single player campaign i came to a shocking realisation...


    Holy heck, i was really worried for a while that i was missing something, but i really wasn't. It was like baby's first shooter all over again. After a bit over an hour i just had no will to play it any more - the game was boring me senseless.. not only that, it was like a tacky B grade game...

    The animations are terrible - everyone looks like Sherrif Woody, flailing about unrealistically in all their movements.

    The scenery is so bland and boring - there is almost nothing to look at!

    The voice acting was just pure second rate tripe, and so was the script.

    About the only thing i DID like were the midget aliens (i forget what they are actually called now) as their voices and quips always make me giggle. Especially when they say they're going to get me, and yet a couple of rounds from any gun is really all i need to down them...

    I'd hate to be overly harsh, but honestly i felt like i was playing the single player campaign of section 8 all over again...only now i don't get a jet pack...

    So this begs the question - is Halo purely a Multiplayer joy? I know of plenty of games where the only joy comes from multiplayer... and that's fine with me. But they don't get the hype that halo does which really throws me for a six...

    What do you guys think? i want to hear from both the Halo acolytes and Halo Atheists alike...

    Am i missing something? Halo boast such a big universe, but both times i have played a Halo game the stories just seems so sub par and honestly pedestrian...

      Hello, I heard my name.
      How can I help?
      Ninja foot massage?

        no no no.. my sister is a Bish! :P lol

        ahh typo fail - how i love thee

        Lol bish, my training of ninja foot massages has done you well my son.

      Loops, dont ever use the words woody and flailing again in the same sentence. You see where I'm going with this.... My coffee is going cold now, I can't think straight! Oh, and LOG INTO STEAM ALREADY!! Its been 5 days!

      Halo... Hmmmm, My initial review of Halo was, meh. I may have had a xbox had my impression been higher than meh, but it was barely 1 meh worthy. Why didn't you get your sis (tell her Q says happy bday) get a ps3? Then you could had nicked it from her, replaced it with a dvd player, and everyone would be happy :D

        haha well the whole reason for getting a 360? It's half the price of a PS3... also, seeing as she already played a bunch of my games, she developed a taste for the tasty box-ness... (i'm not going to reword that after i realised the sexual connotations simply because it is also an fitting example of my sister batting for the other team). On the plus side she has also got Arkum Asylum so no matter what system she has, i'm at least proud that her taste in games is good enough... well minus the whole tomb raider obsession... but she looks at it the same way as a male does, so i can see why she may tollerate playing the games...

        Also, i simply haven't had time to jump on steam, the only gaming i got in this weekend was literally half an hour of Mass Effect while young miss Bee was using my laptop... Sorry buddy - i should have ample time tonight though, so even if i can't get a game in, i'll at least confirm you.

      I'll bite... I never had the original XBOX, so I missed the Halo 1 & Halo 2 boats... when the 3rd came out I bought it, because all my friends were also.

      Didn't get what the fuss was all about, the co-op campaign was as much fun as it got for me, the formula it has gameplay wise is solid and I can't disagree that the game is well made.

      However, I can understand when the first came out it would have been great, but from what I've been told there wasn't really that much changed for the 3rd.

      There is just something though about the game which is bland and unappealing TO ME, perhaps because it's fantasy and the guns feel light and the floaty jumps, just isn't a style for me. Halo-killer or not, had alot more fun with Killzone 2.

        I personally thought Halo 3 was utter crap. Played 2 or so hours of it and had enough.

        And yes, I did actually finish the original which I thought was a great game.

          Ill second that, I completed the whole game last week and I thought it was just a halo 1 remake, nothing new or exciting about it

      I"m a Halo fan and... yes it pretty much is all about the multiplayer, but mostly the co-op.
      ODST was the first Halo game I ever played solo and with around 3000 online games played very few of them I played by myself.
      For me Halo is great because my brother or a mate or three can crash on the couch around one tv and play everything from campaign to ranked online matchmaking.
      It was a great bonding thing I could do with my brother and the high school days organizing halo 2 lan parties are memories to be treasured.
      Xbox lan may seem strange to most of you but very few of my friends are really gamers so halo was a game that everyone could get into and enjoy.

        Oh and yeah, if you had bought Halo 3 just for the single-player experience then it would have been a great waste of money.

      Voice acting second rate tripe?!
      But the dig site's on the other side of the city!
      (Playing legendary, we died a lot at one certain section, and that gem was uttered right after the checkpoint.)
      The dialogue provided hours of unintentional laughs, it was great!

      Woah, woah, woah!
      Somebody just raged up to Incredible Hulk levels.

      While it's true that the Halo series is nothing fantastic when it comes to shooter gameplay, I find it a very entertaining series.
      The game mechanics are very robust, the graphics are rather good, the voice acting is (largely) well done, the score is a masterpiece, and the story can be engaging. (Notice the disclaimer 'can' for story).

      I personally love the whole space opera feel of Halo, and after reading the novels, it is a gripping universe.

      And if you don't like the story, then yes, the multiplayer is the shining star of the franchise.
      One of the things I like about it (especially over games like CoD:MW2) is that everything is completely fair and balanced. Both teams have equal chance to obtain power weapons, and control regions of the map. The only deciding factors then become skill and latency. Playing for x amount of time doesn't give you access to bigger, better weapons, which in my opinion only serves to widen the skill gap between experienced and inexperienced players.

      Furthermore, Bungie provide excellent support to the community, addressing problems that arise, and providing new content on a reasonably regular basis.

      Also, Nathon Fillion. Case closed.

        Do you want to pilot this ship?
        YES! can't!

        Nathan Fillion is awesome.

          Indeed he is. It really is a shame that Firefly is discontinued. That bunch of talented actors and actresses really worked well together. And the scripts were excellent, too.

            The only bad thing about it was it being cancelled. Still, Nathan Fillion is quite awesome. And he is continued this awesome in the form of Doctor Horrible and Castle. And apparently he's going to be in another show! Awesomes.

              God i can't stand Castle...

              Although, worst show on tv goes to "Lie to me" at the moment..

                I like Castle. It has some humour. Which is why I prefer it to Law and Order and CSI.

                And I don't care about Lie to me, but I can think of worse shows. A Current Affair, Home and Away, Today Tonight, Neighbours and Two and a Half men spring to mind.

      Whoa now, judging Halo on ODST - well, not even ODST, the singleplayer portion of ODST - actually not even the single player, the first level of ODST - is like judging a book by the first letter of its front cover.

      As a Halo fan, not even I enjoyed ODST a whole lot, so I can't imagine how someone who already had formed a negative opinion would enjoy it. Although I must say I disagree with you about the voice acting, which I found great.

      Although, in Bungie's defense, Microsoft gave them well under a year to develop it (most games get 3 or more years) and Bungie's team was split across three games - ODST, Reach, and their unannounced project.

    I'm so starcraft for Starcraft right now. If it doesn't starcraft anytime soon, I'm going to starcraft.

      Mate, i think you need to sit down for a bit before you starcraft and stacraft yourself.

        Im sure these ads aren't helping him... Steak and cheese subs will be back soon and all will be well in the world.

          The ads actually just make me want to look at what's the latest on the Games-Workshop website... lol

            So it's not just me then?
            Been too long since I touched my Dark Angels...

              You're a Dark Angels man too? I knew there was a reason i liked ya!

              I've actually set asside my Angels to work on a Vampire Count Chaos Space Marine total conversion army... but even that i haven't touched in a while...

                I largely stuck with painting and the story/lore. Never actually cracked out the miniatures to play a proper game. Which is a shame, come to think of it.

                I even had a backstory for my Dark Angels, who were a separate Chapter descended from the DA geneseed. And somehow they had discovered the DA secret shame, and devoted themselves to chronicling the lost period of history after the Horus Heresy. I think. It's been a while now...

                I'm hella looking forward to the Space Marine FPS.

      If you mix the letters, it becomes 'cart farts'! So you can buy a donkey, attach a cart, eat some baked beans and do cart farts while you wait for your starcraft. Its the starcraft thing to do these days.

      Oh, and call the donkey Steve, its a nice name for a donkey.

        you're certainly much better at anagrams than i am, mate.

        The best i came up with was Craft Star... I would love to play "Super Mari Cart Farts" - that would indeed be epic..

        "Itsa me! Mario!"

          Heres my contribution to the whole anagrams thingy.

          C Rats Fart

          Qumulys one was better but I had to try.

            Actually, I cheated :)


            Its great fun, plug in your name, and it's anagram heaven!

            For example, David Wildgoose becomes.... *hides* VOID DILDO WAGES!

              Also, I am apparently 'A Jolly, Benign Might' according to that anagram dealie.
              So, yeah. Take that.

                RELY COY RAT - middle name not included...

                WEALTHY MERCY TO RAT - with middle name


                god damn it... in both cases i'm a rat or some description...

                *waits for Fedups comment*

      Oh, is there a new Starcraft game coming out? Why doesn't anyone tell me these things... :P

    Just bought a new mouse! Razer Deathadder, goes pretty good, good for Pro tools, havent tried it on any games yet...
    Btw i think ill boycott starcraft 2 for a few weeks... to save money... and time... and my relationship with the mrs...

      Interesting. I have a voucher for $30 off the DeathAdder, and was thinking of picking one up tomorrow.

        Which I did. Happy happy happy!
        Very responsive, lots of customisation options in the driver menu. Very, very comfy for right handed people.

    Have you ever wanted an Ask me stuff on days that are not wednesdays... I always think of questions on not-wednesdays and then forget because of my attention span and... oh look, theres something shiny on my desk!

    Where was i?

    Oh, questions.

    I am interested in Yugioh on XBLA (haven't played for years but enjoyed it back then) but now I am hearing about buying additional booster packs. I understand the desire to make money but only those who have the funds to buy packs will be competitive and as a result, the competition will be uneven. So my questions is:

    When will plants v zombies be coming to XBLA?

    Oh(attention span), I mean.... is there any more details available on the purchase options, price and how the play to balance competition within the game or should I just not bother with it at all if i plan to NOT buy these packs?

    Anyone realised that masterchef is only one letter away from being masterchief?

    How do you know when you having a serious health and gaming problem?
    You have a black wii...

      my wii was once black, but i went to a doctor and cleared it right up


      i know i have a gaming problem when i constantly talk about gaming to my spouse though she clearly doesn't care and sometimes become irritated... i just can't shut up...

        I kept playing with my Wii and hurt my wrist


        ...also I broke the TV to make it seem like I actually have a Wii

          I’ve always found it so immature that people still make Wii dick jokes....

          ..I’ve become everything I’ve ever hated!

            It's okay! We can get you the help you need.
            Just ring 362436. Hey, I lead a life of crime.

              Dirty Deeds?

                Yay! Someone got the reference!

                  I got the reference i was just scared you would shank me for pointing it out... you know, leading a life of crime and all.. :P

            there there mate... it's wiily not all that bad...

    I posted a couple of weeks ago if anyone wanted some crackdown 2 DLC(some colourful armor of some sort), I think Ross wanted it? Anyway, I found it again after cleaning up my room. Here it is:


    If you're going to claim it, please you could you reply this post to let others know it's taken? Cheerio.

      You sir, are a gentleman (unless, of course, you are in fact a lady). Bravo.

        I'm a real boy.....I think....

          So, does that mean you've
          *puts on sunglasses*
          got wood?



            Nice! Well played. I love Horatio one liners. Now you just made me waste half an hour going around the interwebs to read them.

    Got my tv fixed yesterday! w00t!

    Had issues with sound dropping out over hdmi at random intervals, ps3 and pc wouldn't display on hdmi at all. They fixed everything with a simple software update!! So excited!! Finally I can get back to playing Elevator Action, The New Zealand Story and Karate Champ in 50" of glorious plasma heaven!! Yippee!!!

      so after all that time all it really needed was a software update??? haha man that sucks it took so long for somehting so simple - but still, glad to hear you're up and running again!

        Considering they actually had to get people in Korea to write the update to fix it, the month or less that I've waited isn't too bad. I'm actually pretty satisfied with the service they provided! Could've been much worse! I've certainly heard some horror stories in my time of people waiting 6 months to even get someone to come and look at their tv's before!


          I'm surprised they managed to pull them away from Starcraft to actually write the code for you!

          Glad to see its working again! I thought it would be a HDMI thingo, of some sort, cable, software etc. Its just a 'standard' that they havn't finished cocking about with yet, but I think its great they did a update just for you!
          What brand tv is it can I ask?

            It's an LG. I really wanted to get a Pioneer, but the LG came with another full hd tv for free! Can't say I regret it though. Picture quality is ace, and service was fantastic! When I rang LG support... shock horror.... I spoke to an Australian person everytime!! :0

              makes me glad we got an LG when we moved out.. it's a plasma but my god is it awesome! lol

                yeah i loves my plasma too! Mine's got the Time Machine function aswell, so I have an ssd harddrive attached to it so I can record shows and stuff. Watching blu-rays and full hd mkv's is just bliss! Clarity kicks ass over most of the tv's we looked at when we bought it. Only really surpassed by the Pioneer and some of the LED tv's.


    Natural Selection 2 alpha is finally released today :D
    3 years of waiting has paid off /drool

    My xbox died last night. No RRoD. Started showing some funky colours, then I got screen artifacts, now I don't see anything at all (nor get sound, woo!).

    I'm using it as the perfect excuse to give up on console gaming and refocus on my second love; HUNTING. I'll still have Steam, but rifles are expensive and more fun!



      I always wanted to get a shooting license - but i'd be more inclined just to go to a firing range...

      or take up archery.. that looks fun to!

        Archery is awesome fun. It's not only challenging, but it makes you feel badass.

        Just drive down to an archery range one weekend with some family/friends, shoot some arrows, eat lunch out. It's a great way to spend a day. Just call ahead for pricing etc...

          Do you need your own gear??

          Bow's are damn expensive haha

            Well, the one I went to near Perth supplied all of the gear. Bows, arrows, targets, and some modicum of training.

              Most clubs run a come-and-try day every couple of months that you can go along and try different bows and learn some basics before deciding to invest in a bow.

        My mate does archery and is obsessed with it. Sounds like a good hobby, but the shooting he does sounds lame to me, it's all technical and stuff. They use various tools to the point where they basically just hold the bow and wait.

        Still, can't wait to go hunting with him.

        Family friend at my gunstore is going to hook me up with some sweet .22 silencers and subsonic rounds. Damn rabbits won't know what hit 'em!

          Isn't that sort of gear illegal in this country?

      That is still RROD, just without the lights. I have seen a few in my time and the RROD repair did fix it (although only for a couple of weeks) but I am pretty sure this is the same thing.

      The RROD is related to the GPU, which is where the graphics live so funky images seem to ake sense as a symptom.

      Still sucks. Maybe you can take your gun to your box like those military dudes on Youtube. They got all firing line on it.

        I want a mini-gun... does that make me a psychopath?

        I just want to try and cut down a tree with one :D

          Like Mythbusters did?

            You sir - are a bloody lifesaver... that new layout is terrible!

              woops that was meant to be to your lower reply... yes - exactly like mythbusters did :D


    what have they done to google images?!?! it's horrible!! i can't find a damn thing i need and it's all so clunky and gawdy!!!

    How do i get it back to the simpler version?!?!

      Search something in Google Images, then scroll right the way down to the bottom. There is a hyperlink to view in 'Basic Mode'. That should do the trick for you.

    Popeye's Chicken is f**king awesome!
    Also, Starcraft 2.

    From the half hour I've played, I'm loving it.
    How can you go past a game that has a Jukebox in the Campaign mission select lobby, especially one that plays covers of Sweet Home Alabama, Free Bird, Suspicious Minds, etc?

      Also, there is an iGun commercial on a Starcraft 2 in-game television. Takes the mickey out of the iPod commercials. Epic.

    Who is going to pick up the Mega Drive from Kmart?

      Always was a SNES man and things haven't changed fifteen years later.

      It's quite possible I might.

      I had a Megadrive 2 back in the day, except it was from Singapore and wouldn't play PAL games...

      A friend and I have recently been indulging in some SNES gaming, so this might have some value.

      $49 seems just a tad expensive for such an old system, though.

      i'm CONSIDERING it.. bvut i'd much rather have the original consoles... but ths is much smaller with an AV cable...

      But i also have the mega drive collection on 360 which has most of the better games.. hmm i really don't know... i'll probably end up picking one up though.. lol

      Seeing as I've got a Megadrive 1, Megadrive 2, Mega-CD2, 32X & Master System adapter.. not me :)

        Yeah the megadrive i have (it's sitting at mum's place though) has the old master system adaptor with it - man that thing was flipping awesome... i still had to have the MS set up though as it had Alex Kidd built in :P

          Alex Kidd was awesome fun!
          Ah, the memories.

            As awesome as Alex was.. i have an overwhelming urge to play some of the original wonderboy.. man that was win...

            My mum got addicted to that, and she's one of those people that every time they jump in a game they throw their legs up and make weird noises like "OO!!"

            If you haven't seen such a thing before, it's hysterical.. no matter how much she played she always did it.. even to this day she still does...

              Purchased wonderboy a week ago from gametraders, 20 bucks, plays ok but have to run to jump high is a pain

        It's a new variant though, you "Gotta Catch 'em All!"


    Alright, I just got brutal legend, but the sounds except the speaking voices are muffled. I am miffed.

    Do i need to download a patch for the ps3? (or something)

      Apparently alot of people on the PS3 version have this same issue. Does it let you automatically download a patch?

        Well I haven't got wireless (haha, yes people like me still exist, i intend to get it on friday to frag some friends on ps3) But even so, the option to update didn't even come up. I googled it, and there was no luck there so... things aren't looking up =[

          The only thing I can think of is deleting and reinstalling the game data. Maybe something got corrupted the first time. It happened with my Borderlands game once, everything had this weird slowdown and the loading would take forever. I just re-installed it and it was fixed.

      Are you listening in 5.1? Because I've got the same problem. To my knowledge there's no patch to fix this. :(

      There was a patch on release day that did resolve sound issues, abuot 250MB patch, V1.01... V1.02 has been released and reports suggest it can mess up the audio again.

      I haven't played it for awhile so I don't know what it's upto, but there was supposed to be another one.

      So a new disc at retail level, you will probably have sound issues, unless they updated the disc since release with V1.0x or whatever...

    I found it to be pretty cool.

      That was super cool! Check it out everyone. :)

      Yeh that is pretty awesum

      I've watched that dozens of times over a while ago.. and you know what? it's still as awesome as ever!

    anyone get the sega mega drive? Any good?

    why has kotaku gone starcraft insane?

      More relevant, has the whole gaming world gone Starcraft insane?

      What's the weather like Ali?

      Space weather!

    For the PS3 owners out there they view the weekly Store updates via Kotaku... If the post isn't made by David, then it's for the US Store.

    So this is a half rant/public service announcement, as the PS3 has been out for 3 years now, I figured that most people would know how they work by now.

    The US Store updates are each week because Kotaku is primarily a US orientated site, so these posts will always exist, gives us an idea to see what they get and even login to a US account and grab a few demos that we may not have got yet, etc... or in the case of the most recent one, Kane & Lynch being available to everyone now, not just PS+ subscribers.

    At the moment, the US PS+ subscribers are getting additional Weekly content to what was originally announced when PS+ first arrived, the PS Store Team for PAL (AU/EU) have acknowledged this and collated all the pissed off customers comments to the Store team.

    Here is a perfect example with today's update -

    Lots of angry people wanting to know why we don't get the same benefits, I'm guessing this will look to be resolved shortly and should have used this for Ask Me Stuff yesterday... David, perhaps you could contact Sony and see if they are going to offer further content on a weekly basis in the future.

    So perhaps this is my my own Heads Up for some of the confusion that might be out there, perhaps the easiest resolve is when the US guys do their update for the PS Store, it could be tagged in the heading as "US" so it stops the drama...

      Thats a pretty good serious post in here (odd in itself). Thanks for the heads up oggob. :)

    I've noticed that ad for the HORRIBLE Toyota Rukus is back.. so lets have a look at a real car..

    Thats right, i drive one, and if you don't drive one you're just not that cool..

    The 1994 Honda Civic GLI Hatchback!

    She's such a lovely little rice burner.. i write her love letters every week.

    If my car isn't your sort of style (which if it's not you're insane) what love-gun do you guys drive?

      Yeah! BBroooom! Where's the pic of YOUR civic??? I love rice burners.
      So, my car is an import, Stagea RS4. Its awesome, just about everything is written in japanese in mine. It has a touch screen (1998 model btw) with built in TV and GPS. Pretty cool for 12 years old. Only the tv or gps don't work over here. So I installed a mobile set-top box, so I can pick up tv on the move. :) For passengers only...of course... ;) The radio shits me, so I'm stuck with only that christian channel on FM (it only goes up to 99.0mhz). Or Am...
      But I still love it. It will be in Grand Tourismo when it finally comes out, I've been hanging for that. So here's some piccies of my baby grl.
      and with some photoshopping

      Hey a Civic... I remember flipping one of those.

      My old man owns a car yard... and is a speed demon, so I've driven a lot of different cars. The car I learnt to drive in was an M3, in Darwin, when they had unrestricted speed limits.

      Currently I drive a Nissan NT Pulsar.
      It's cheap to run / insure and it's not a giant police magnet like my last car.

    ill let you guys in on my video game purchases in the last 7 days:
    Blazblue Joystick ed. PS3 $28
    Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP $18
    Legend of Zelda NES $20
    Metroid NES $20
    Wonderboy Master System $20
    Sonic 2 Master System $20
    Zelda Links Awakening GBC $20
    Metroid Prime 2 GC $40
    SW Rogue Leader GC $20
    Torchlight PC $23
    War for Cybertron PS3 $39
    Alan Wake Limited Ed. X360 $52
    SW Lego Saga PS3 $29

    To my calculations thats $349.
    Is this a video game BUYING addiction?
    Mind you, of those games ive only finished 2

      if you've only spent $350 on all of those MARVELOUS games - then no, it's not an addiction.

      Where did you pick up Alan Wake CE for only $52?

      I'd be VERY interested in that!

        yeh but that was just this week...
        JB had a 20% off games thing last night. 25min drive after work... but was worth it

          God damn it i knew i should have gone .. but living in geelong with the closest open JB in melbourne last night.... grrrr

    Starcraft. Now thats out of the way, we can move on to more important things.

    Old Ladies, we all know one, we will all either be one or be sleeping with one, wrinkles intertwined in a passionate embrace. I'm having problems with my Grandma. She's 80 this year, and a chronic gambler at the pokies. She loves to get pissed, smokes like a trooper and gives the finger to Huey (the guy upstairs as she calls him) when she feels it necessary. She's a badass grandma.

    So, I made her a computer 2 years ago. Basically, it was just old leftovers from years of upgrading. It would only run win98, but that was ok. So, anyway, I put on some games she would like.
    Hoyle Casino, 10 different Mahjong games and some of those find items in a picture game which I forget atm. Anyhoo, she loves pokies but hated Hoyle casino as the pokies were too simple. She got good at mahjong and she's got real good at it too. In fact, she now hates them all cause there too easy. She did however LOVE Mahjong Quest, but it kept crashing her computer for some reason, which is why she wants a new one.

    I need help now. I've not kept up to date on PC's for a couple of years and she wants me to build her a new better PC. I've got to keep it as cheap as possible (dont need a monitor) with a max budget of $500. Any suggestions?

    It needs some "modern" pokies on it. Like the ones now at the proper pokies, multiple lines, free games etc. Any Ideas?
    She also wants something RPG-ish with a good story in it, but its got to be realllly simple to navigate through. Like a Dragon Age I guess, but more for a Granny... hmmm

      My mum is ADDICTED to pokie games (and the real thing) big time...

      The amount of time she spent with Hoyle Casino (and Vegas Stakes back in the day) is insane..

      I can happily tell you there are plenty of free downloadable pokie games that are more complicated and realistic than hoyle, but i don't know where to get them from.. i'm useless on that part..

      But when it comes to a simple RPG, either download an emulator and get her into phantasy star or one of the many great SNES rpgs - or just buy a copy of Fallout - EVERYONE loves fallout.. and being an oldie the setting and music will remind her of the better days back in ninteen dikity-six

        Its a small world, so I wonder. If your mum goes down to the Shell Club to play pokies, she's propbably bumped into my grandma! She's old and wrinkly, does that narrow it down?

        I think fallout may be a good idea. I'm not sure how she'll cope though moving about the world to be honest. Hmmm. Never heard of Phantasy Star, but it sounds interesting. But would it be hard for her to launch using an emulator? She has to be able to start the game up from a desktop icon, or she gets confused...

      Try Austin Computers. That's where I got my desktop from.
      They're pretty good with prices, and they actually build most of their machines, so you can mix and match to get what you want.

      Home Budget Box for $489
      Doesn't include monitor, keyboard/mouse, or OS, though... But, 512Mb dedicated graphics is a bit extreme for your needs.

      Go down to one of their stores and ask about stuff - probably quicker and easier than navigating their online store :P


      Did I help??

        Shush with you Bish!! Watch for ninja's my friend, watch out for ninja's..... ;)

    My gaming blindspot is FF7. I've played FF6 (the SNES one) and FF3 (The DS one) and love FF tactics advanced but I missed out on FF7. I might fire it up on PSX4Droid sometime and give it a whirl. Other than that I've been mostly diligent in my gaming diet.

    Here's a fun one:

    My PC isn't healthy. I've had my Core 2 Duo motherboard die on me a couple of weeks back, which I managed to get around by using an old Pentium4-D & m/b I had kicking around in the shed. Not too bad, but the P4D is a bit aged and the motherboard seems to have Win7 for the most part (crashes randomly, windows won't boot etc).

    Now for the fun bit.

    I'm looking at getting a new m/b, CPU & RAM, but despite being a long-running Intel fanboy, the AMD X6 looks like a fairly powerful comparatively and cheaper option than an i7.

    Only requirement is as many SATA ports as possible (I've got 5 HDDs & a BD-ROM).


      i5 750 is a quad core that is an easy overclock to 3-3.5ghz. Can get a Asus P7P55 or Gigaabyte P55 mobo that from memory will hold 3 hard drives and dual gpu's

    Earthworm Jim HD is every bit as awesome as it was back in the 90's...

    Can remember finishing the game back in the day and playing it on the Original difficulty today, it is surprisingly difficult! You can die quite easily...

    Don't mind some trophy action either, but finishing the game without losing a life on this difficulty is going to be quite a challenge.

    They would be stupid to not give the same treatment to the sequel!

    Also as I was playing the game, kept thinking about what games from the 8/16 Bit generation I would love to see make a return with updated HD visuals but with the main game staying the same...

    Battletoads was the first... and I don't mind abit of toilet humour, so I'd love to see a remake of Boogerman! :)

      I'd love to see a HD remake of Rock N' Roll Racing or Biker Mice from Mars! Those were two rockin games in their time!

      Man, I loved playing Boogerman so much back in the day. Someone was talking about Wonderboy up there and I'd love to see that and Alex the Kidd redone for XBLA/PSN. Bubsy the Bobcat would work well.

      Normally they stick with action games for remakes, but I'd love to see a Secret of Mana remake with online co-op.

    Optus much Kotaku?? Why is EVERY adspace full of optus bananananananas???

      They're not banana's.

      They're small, off duty, Chekovslovakian traffic wardens.

        "We've hit the jackpot, lads! We've got God-knows-how-much of this stinking weed, a shitload of cash... and a traffic warden."

        Hilarity ensues.

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