Team Fortress 2 Goes 19th Century

The talented kids at video game art forum Polycount are again working their magic on Valve's Team Fortress 2, giving us a glimpse at what Red v Blue would have looked like in the age of steamships and cowboys.

Taking Valve's own recent Engineer comic as inspiration, they're modelling a range of the game's characters so they look toothier, hairier and altogether more likely to end a round with limbs needing to be sawn off by a man wearing spectacles.

There are no plans to release these as playable skins for the game (owing to the need for a great deal of work to get the models working), but when things look this good, you can always hope somebody will find a way, especially since it's got Valve's thumbs-up.

[Polycount, thanks Zac!]


    These look win!

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