Team Fortress 2 Updates Soldier On With New Modes, New Weapons Next Month*

Now that every Team Fortress 2 class has received his (or her) class updates, where does developer Valve go from here? Onward and upward, with at least one new substantial update, due soon(ish).

PC Gamer writes that Valve is planning an update to the venerable class-based shooter within the next month - *Valve Time notwithstanding. That new version will reportedly add "item trading, a brand new game mode, and around twenty new weapons and hats."

Yeah, item trading. Time to unload those Tough guy's toques and Backbiter's billycocks taking up space in your TF2 inventory. Those new weapons and hats come from the community, the winners of that Polycount competition that bore delicious, deadly fruit in the form of weapons like the Scout's Holy Mackerel and the Pyro's Degreaser.

Next TF2 update adds trading, new game mode [PC Gamer]


    please deathmatch

      Deathmatch is a terrible idea. In a gametype where "most kills" matter, everyone would just go demo and soldier.

      stupid idea, yeah cause the medics gonna have so many people to heal when its all on all waitasecond.

      inb4 soldier demo class spam, its pointless

    I was kind of hoping they'd focus on making the Medic and Pyro Meet The Team videos.

    They've promised us item trading 'in the next update' since the sniper vs spy update... over a year and a half ago...

    I hope to god the degreaser fires grease with alt-click, that any fire will light and has 10 dmg/sec burn on enemies already on fire

    I still only have 2 hats! And I've been playing since TF2 first came out :\\

      More than me, I've only got 1 haha (not counting the ones that were included with special deals with other games, etc).

    "around twenty new weapons and hats.”

    Clearly we are talking about the polycount pack winners..

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