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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like your gaming birthday stories.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

It's my birthday today. Happy birthday me. Which got me thinking, what's the best gaming-related birthday you've ever had?


    Happy birthday. No story to share that I can think of... just happy Bday.

    My dad used to always buy us kids (me and my 2 brothers) a pc game (no consoles in our house back in the day) for our birthday, our choice, no real restrictions.

    I talked my youngest brother (4 year difference) into selecting Baldurs Gate for his choice after finding the demo on a PC magazine cover disc.

    Needless to say I succeeded began a long affair with what has become a game nearly every PC gamer looks back on with fond memories, and is always pining for the 'next' one.

    If it's my own birthday, then it would be when I was given a copy of Quake One, I'd never heard of it, and once again, it was a groundbreaking smash hit from super-power house ID. Since then I've avidly played Quake World, Quake 2, Quake 3 and now QL.

    Looking back I was quite privileged.


      (how rude of me :( )

    Whey hey! Happy freakin' birthday David!

    Gaming related birthday - haven't really had one. However, Reach is released on mine this year so that's kind of related.

    Happy Birthday big guy!

    I once got a susbscription to PCPP for a gift back in high school when you were still apart of it.
    I remember thinking Wildgoose is such a cool surname xD

    This is pretty lame but back in the day having the timezone party was all of my hopes and dreams coming true. Unlimited credits in all the classics was just a blast. I could finish "Virtual Cop", stuff around with Daytona and vs mates in mortal kombat.

    Happy Birthday!

    My best game-related birthday story would have to be getting a GameBoy Colour and Pokemon Silver many years ago, and playing it all morning before school ^_^

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Over a decade and a half ago I turned 14 and had a birthday party with mates, my mum surprised us by taking us to her work. At the time it was a arcade in Wollongong called Timewarp. The boss had given her the keys to the machine and we had 4 hours of gaming bliss. There was much Street Fighter, NBA Jam, Turtles, Mortal Kombat etc played.

    Those were good times!

    Happy b'day Dave!

    I once got to have a birthday off from school so I could play my BRAND NEW SNES GAME DONKEY KONG COUNTRY. Best. Day. Ever (at the time).

    Not quite gaming but nerdy. I had a Voltron Birthday cake for my 7th. That was really cool.

    The only other one I remember was hiring mortal combat for the SNES for a birthday party, probably about 12. I had a few hours to practice before hand and I learned how to do scorpions harpoon.

    Later in the party once everyone had played for a bit, I let loose with scorpion and thrashed everyone. I feel a bit bad for that now.

      oops how rude of me,

      Happy Birthday Dave, Hope you have a good night.
      Have you gotten any presents?

    Even now I remember it so well, the year was 1993, I was in Year 6.

    During this year, our whole year had to run a fundraising fate for the school, we got into groups of 2-4 and thought up ideas on what our stalls would be and in general what to do.

    So a lot of the girls decided on the food side of things... our small nerdish group decided to run a video game comp.

    The previous year they had it and they used Super Mario 3, I ended up taking the comp out! w00t!

    For this year, we wanted to go as epic as possible, I took in my Mega Drive and a 34cm TV, another guy bought in a NES. On deciding the style of comp, we went for most points within 5 mins of game time for $2!

    The other guy brought in Shinobi for the NES and that was hooked upto my 34cm TV, we didn't want to use the same game as last year. As for the Mega Drive, we were looking at Sonic on the schools 'big screen' 68cm TV! :p lol

    However, around that time another game was newly released and we were looking at every video store available to see if we could hire it, I knew my cousin had it and asked my mum to call him up and see if we can borrow it.

    No dice, it was completely hopeless at the video stores, there was already a waiting list to get it. All hope was lost and we were pretty much resigned to having to use Sonic again.

    Amazingly, on the afternoon of my birthday, getting picked up from school, my mum had my present with her in the car and handed it too me.

    The items shape was instantly familiar and before even opening it I thanked her for the game, she played it off as a book instead. The thing is though, even at this time I didn't even consider it was the game we were after, simply because it was extremely rare to get a game for my birthday in the first place, they were more left for Christmas.

    Anyway, opened it up and was incredibly surprised to find out the game we were looking for was now in my hands. Doing homework that night was the longest I can ever remember.

    So yeah, very happy, advised the guys at school that we were back on and everything was under control. My birthday was only about a week before the fate.

    I've built up the game a bit now haven't I? Not mentioning all this time, I can imagine there will be a few people suggesting "is that all"?. Get stuffed, it was huge back then and I was young and excitable. At the time, this game was one of the biggest releases of it's time, the popularity of this game (and eventual series) was continually climbing.

    *drum roll*

    Mortal Kombat

    So on the day of the fate, we set everything up, entered in the Blood Code "ABACABB", sat back and watched kids like myself who probably shouldn't have been playing the game in the first place start ripping peoples heads off... literally!

    Fantastic Stuff!

      So... I kinda got wrapped up in the story, that I forgot why this topic is being used in the first place...

      Happy Birthday Dave!

        It's all good mate. I liked the story.

        I had an atari 2600 with maybe 2 games then a master system1 with maybe 2 games and that was it until we got a pc in our house with 1 game on it in about 1996. We really didn't have money so I only got into gaming when I could afford to buy a ps1 when I started work at about 14-15.

        I don't have these types of childhood memories so was nice to hear yours.


    Happy birthday!

    My best gaming birthday was actually the one just passed, my 25th. I got a PS3 and a couple of games from my brothers!

    Otherwise there are COUNTLESS Timezone birthday parties with hours spent playing the X-Men cabinet or Time Crisis. And Lazer Tag!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Wildgoose!


    ...oh wait.. we should be giving stuff to you??... want a hug?? ;)

    haha. And all my birthdays are gaming related (in the way that i usually get games), so none really stand out that i can think of at the moment - but they are all pretty great.

    Hope you're having a top day mate :)

    Happy birthday - how old are ya?

    I've got fond memories of hiring a PSX and steering wheel with Porsche Challenge for a birthday many moons ago...

    Because I'd never played a playstation much before, I had no clue that the steering wheel that we hired (plus the $200+ deposit) was meant to spring back to centre - instead it freely spun.

    Playing the game with a wonky wheel was interesting; we just thought it had a steep learning curve, and we were useless at it. Upon returning to the video store, the clerk happily wanted to rid mum of her deposit and then some. Nothing mum couldn't argue her way out of tho :P

    Wheel issues aside, as if my mum didn't have enough reason to hate videogames already (being the spawn of satan, antisocial brain-numbing devices), this was the last nail in the coffin that stopped her ever spending money on my videogame-related habits ever again :P

    I spent my 21st doing a uni assignment, and the only gaming I got in was stealing some time on the DS whilst commuting.

    Good times.
    (Not really)

    Happy birthday David!

    Happy B'day Mr. Wildgoose.

    Probably my 10th birthday. Opened up a PS1 and Driver. My family never had a great amount of money so I was really happy. I only had a Master System 2 (which broke) and Gameboy before that.

    haha, the one and only gaming related gift I've ever gotten for my birthday was C&C: Tiberian Sun, so I guess it's that by default!

    When I turned 8, 9 or 10 (I forget) my party was a private lock in session at Timezone. I remember playing and finishing 'Sunset Riders' with a rotating number of friends taking up positions 2,3 and 4 on the arcade machine. It took a while and a number of continues that would of chewed through my pocket money any other time but I had to finish it.

    I also got a b'day present around the same year of my first ever computer game. The original Marathon for our home computer. An Apple Macintosh LC575. 4 floppy disks of gold from a young Bungie.

    Ahh ... beaten to the reveal.

    Happy Birthday David, it is amasing what mysteries Twitter can reveal!

    one of my fondest memories is when my parents gave me my atari 2600 for my birthday! We all sat in front of the tv and played it for hours!

      oh.. and happy birthday gooseman! Perhaps you can consider my drawing the other day as an early present ;)

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    I got a StarWars combo games kit one year... which was amazing considering my parents to this day hate computer games.

    It had:
    TIE Fighter
    Rebel Assault 1
    Rebel Assault 2
    Dark Forces demo(the first 2 levels)
    and Making Magic, an interactive CD encyclopedia.

    Back in 1994, on my thirteenth birthday, my mum gave me a Super Nintendo. It wasn't really a surprise because she'd asked me what I wanted, but I didn't believe I was actually getting it until I unwrapped it. I still have no idea how she scraped together the money.

    We couldn't actually afford to buy games for it, so what I played relied heavily on the selection at the local video shop and what I could borrow from my cousin. But it was still possibly the best birthday present I ever got.

    I still have it. I tried to plug it in a few years ago and couldn't get a picture, so mum bought me a Wii (again, for my birthday) and I play the old games through the virtual console. But I still can't bear to part with the SNES. It sits in its original box in the top of my wardrobe, and seeing it there every time I get down a suitcase or a spare quilt still gives me a smile.

    And thinking about all that, spending part of my Saturday installing mum's new graphics card so she can play The Sims suddenly seems like the very least I can do.

    Bonne Anniversaire, Monsieur Wildgoose.

    On my birthday in 2003, my mother gave me $200 which I happily spent on Rurouni Kenshin anime, Rise of Nations and Operation Flashpoint.

    Otherwise, I always seemed to get my games when it wasnt a special occasion as opposed to when it was.

    Happy Birthday David!

    My best birthday related gaming experience? Probably getting God of War II in the post from my uncle two days after it came out.

    For my 21st my brother made me a 21-Up Green Mushroom cake. That I promptly ralphed all over his restaurants bathroom.

    Good times... Goooooood times...

    Also B'day wishes and all that jazz...

    Now I remember one!

    As my birthday falls between Xmas and NYE every second year my family would trek up to the big smoke (us all being country folk) for Christmas family festivities.

    I remember being in the city with my folks where we passed a window of a typical mid 90's computer shop - complete with over plastering of Intel and Sound blaster posters.

    In the shop window, with posters surrounding it was the Warcraft 2 PC CD-Rom box. I stopped telling Dad over excitedly that I'd played the first one in the series - he knew full well what I was talking about as I'd caught him playing it himself. I prolonged our exit talking about the fact that it had boats and various other features.

    We continued along, and not long after Dad ducked away to 'perform some boring tasl' Mum claimed.

    A couple of days latter I was the proud owner of a Birthday unwrapped Warcraft 2 PC CD-Rom box and discs.

    Oh to be young again ... I've still got the CD Rom in my PC game collection despite leaving the family home over a decade ago.

      OOH, it is my Bday ALSO :D, and Happy Bday to you. Was playing bfbc2 this afternoon, better than usual, perhaps some kind of birthday luck.

      When is your birthday every 'other' year? Must be hard to keep track if your birthday keeps changing lol.

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