Tetris Finally Has An Official World Champion

Yesterday at Los Angeles' Downtown Independent Theatre, 29-year-old loan coordinator from Redondo Beach, California, Jonas Neubauer was crowned the first-ever Classic Tetris World Champion.

Over 200 players showed up to test their Tetris skills against the best the world had to offer at the Classic Tetris World Championship, organised by former Nintendo World Champion and Tetris expert Robin Mihara, sponsored by Tetris licensing management company Blue Planet Software. Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov was on hand, keeping tabs on the action as those 200-plus players were whittled down to eight in the semi-finals.

Neubauer defeated Harry Hong, a 25-year-old logistics specialist from Los Angeles, to bring home the giant trophy and $US1000 prize.


    Well he is no Utada Hikaru. Watch her Nintendo Japan Tetris videos on YouTube. Plus she's hot and famous for being a singer ; )

    Finally? Like as in the title "Official tetris Champion of the World" was needed?

    All i can do is hate these guys for being able to get past level 4... man i suck at any of these sorts of games lol

    what about this guy?

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