The Beautiful Anatomy Of A Video Game Controller

What lies beneath the plastic skin of your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers? If concept artist Mads Peitersen was designing the gamepads we play with, they'd be bony, fleshy living things with teeth.

Peitersen's anatomical paintings of the DualShock and Xbox 360 controller (and the iPhone!) are awesome works of art, but they're also the creepiest game controllers we've seen this side of eXistenZ. Let's hope this is just the tip of the artistic iceberg, because I'm personally curious to see the guts of a Wii Remote and Atari 2600 joystick.

Check out the rest of Peitersen's work at deviantArt, where one can buy this in print form if their heart desires.

Madspeitersen [deviantArt]


    Ha ha eXistEnZ!!!

    I like the 360 one.. but the ps3 one just looks.. i don't know... dumb... i mean it has a random jaw thing going on there... why have a jaw with no upper mandible or something.. i mean.. how would it eat like that.. and why would there be a random jaw even inside the thing...

    ...i think i'm being too picky

    Yeech! That 360 controller looks like it's a hiding a facehugger! I wonder if I can ever go back to playing now, knowing what I know, having glimpsed what lurks within, never being able to unsee, to wipe my mind's eye of the horrors it has encountered...

    Seriously, hate facehuggers, they ******* terrify me.

    Agreed with Chuloopa above, the PS3 one doesn't look quite as well designed, though I reckon as M. McW said, further works in this series would be really cool.

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