The Best Empire Strikes Back Furniture $US10 Can Buy

Sorry, PlayStation Home fans, but news about furniture in Sony's PlayStation 3 virtual world seldom excites me... except when we're looking at an AT-AT table or a chair based on the Millennium Falcon escaping a space worm. Starting tomorrow, $US10 for this set in Home.


    Holy crap - can someone make these real!?!? i want them in my actual house! :D

      I had the same thoughts, at first I thought they were actual pieces furniture, for people to actually use.

      Instead it is nothing but some Sony Home virtual garbage.

      Does anyone even still go on there and waste their real money on virtual gimmicks?

    I would love a Wampa-skin rug for my place, and a Probe droid chandelier to admire from my millennium falcon chair.

    Lol for a second I though they were real furniture and was so excited, then i read PlayStation home :(


      Actual items I can have in my house? I'm interested - here is my credit card number.

      Playstation home? naff.

      Tell me about it. I hell want a Han in Carbonite for the wall, and the probot chandelier is awesome.

    The wampa rug is actually real. It's online at the Star Wars store.

    So disappointed ... thought these were gonna be real!

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