The Best iPhone Game Trailer You'll See All Day

With Fruit Ninja, Australia's Halfbrick created the best iPhone game trailer you've ever seen. Can they do it again with their new game, Monster Dash?

"In a world without public transportation, one man is running. That man is Barry Steakfries," says the plot description for Monster Dash. It looks like Canabalt... but with guns. And the undead.

I feel quite comfortable telling you I'll be buying it when it releases on August 19.


    BARRY STEAKFRIES! I LOVED Age of Zombies! It is the best Minis game ever. Everybody must play it. NOW!

    Check this one out David.

    Haha just best iPhone trailer? That was pretty decent in any trailer category. The approving nod at the meat in the supermarket is what got me.

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