The Bible Is Now An MMO

I'm willing to give this game a chance, because when you put the whole religious side of things to one side, the Old Testament - with its plagues and pestilence and pillars of salt - is pretty badass.

The Bible Online is a new massively-multiplayer online game from German outfit FiAA, and will - over the course of many chapters - give players the chance to re-enact certain parts of the Bible.

In the beginning, there was... Chapter 1, The Heroes, which will be the first release of the game, and sounds a lot like Age of Empires (it looks a lot like it too), as you control Abraham and his descendants on their journey to the promised land.

There's even a "hero" system for levelling up and transferring skills, as Abraham begets new characters like Isaac and Jacob.

The Bible Online is a browser-based game, and will kick off on September 6 (though they're also taking beta testers right now).

[The Bible Online]


    Oh My, that made me chuckle. I need get people in on this, shenanigans and hilarity ensured!

    I hear one of the mob drops is foreskins.

    The bible online?? wow.. maybe all the gay-bashers will move from other mmo-type games to here?
    Imagine that... hundreds of people quoting Leviticus in holy righteousness.


    This is an excellent oppertunity to cause some strife.



    Why is there always such rage whenever something about Christianity is posted?

      Crusades, Dark ages, taxes imposed in medieval times. I'm not condoning it. But in ages past not just this religion but quite a few took advantage of peoples faith. Any religion is up for comedy honestly just like EVERYTHING is up for comedy :D

        They still do it. Look at the taliban et al.

        Because secular groups haven't ever done anything wrong throughout the ages. :P

    Because it is responsible for countless millions of lives and is guilty of holding back the human race through brainwashing?

    Is it just me or does that look like the old Pharaoh games?

    @steven bogos. i totally agree with the rage, when a christian game is made. Sure people in the past has used the name of god in the wrong reason. But think about it. and also to Gabriel, you believe that people are been brainwashed by a single religion. If that is what is going on then can you explain why people are sumggling bibles into North korean, risking their life for a brainwashing religion. No they are risking their life and wellbeing to spead truth. There have been so many cases of god's grace. Try seaching in google about Don piper or Don pipper ( I forgot how to spell his name sry), he was declared dead for 90 mins and during that time he saw the wonders of heaven. No medical or science was able to explain this.

      Well Jstar, if my previous comment wasn't taken off the board you would have noticed that I raged on every religion not just xtianity; although it is the worst of the worst.

      I can explain that last one. When you die the body releases lots and lots of happy chemicals such as endorphins and DMT. This causes you to hallucinate things and most often see what you want to see. Although admittedly I haven't explained this well, it is scientifically proven.

      And I don't think anyone was saying other regions aren't bad.
      "Because it is responsible for countless millions of lives and is guilty of holding back the human race through brainwashing?"
      I would say that for example is true of most if not all religions.

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