The Big Book Of Classic Adventure Games

There's a big book coming out that's all about classic PC adventure games. Monkey Island, Police Quest, Zork, the works.

Sounds good! But as you can see on the front cover, you'll be paying for the pictures and the fact it's bound as an actual, physical book, because where there should be the name of an actual author, there's instead the line "By the authors of Wikipedia", with Philipp Lensen serving as "collector & editor".

So it's a collection of Wikipedia pages edited and presented as a coffee table book. Sure, there's additional original content in the form of interviews with key developers, like Leisuresuit Larry creator Al Lowe, but when you see a big book on PC adventure games, you kind of hope it'll be a big book on PC adventure games. Not a collection of stuff you can read for free online.

Still, if you'd like the pictures, or the convenience of having it all in one place you can read on the can, ordering information is below.

Graphic Adventures [via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Yeah...the fact that its just Wikipedia pages and says it straight up = turn off.

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