The Cosplay Of Gamescom, Part One

It's dangerous to go to Gamescom alone. Take a friend... and make them dress like a second Link or a Solid Snake or a Troll, Orc or Night Elf from World of Warcraft.

Gamescom 2010's biggest day, today, featured some capable cosplay from its attendees, as well as a trainwreck or two. It featured more Altairs and Ezios from Assassin's Creed than we would have ever expected, but maybe we'll save that brotherhood of dress-up assassins for another time.

Don't miss the Old Snake that looks impressively like he just stepped out of Metal Gear Solid 4 and some rare Jenova from Final Fantasy VII cosplay.


    ATTN: Females of the world
    Please stop cosplaying as Link. I am not opposed to crossplay, but it works best as an occasional "Oh, look how well that person managed to adapt the character to their gender" thing rather than the norm, as has become the case with Link. It's time to either stop dominating the Link cosplay scene with your lady parts or get a male friend to create a cool Prince Zelda costume so we can at least say, "Oh, look how well that person managed to adapt the character to their gender."

      Hey, it's not their fault that Link looks so much like a girl. The simple fact is, girls make a more accurate looking Link than any man ever could.

      I find it quite amusing, actually...

    Cute German girls go to that event. This makes it the most worthy of all events in video games :D

    The girl in pic #5 (Jill Valentine?) has a fan in her bum.

    The snake/Old snake is great, it looks like it's the kid's dad embarrassing him or something, ha ha!

    Also, that homemade ubersaw in the TF2 team shot is BADASS, too bad the picture is so blurry.

    Once again there are too many scouts and not enough medics in TF2.

    The usual Asian cosplayer contigent who show up and put everyone else's efforts to shame - strangely absent.

    Though the offerings here are overall very high quality. Sure beats the hell out of our "official Australian Brisbane Starcraft II launch" where the best costume was halfway decent and the rest were hilariously horrible (the bedsheets zerg drone took the cake)

    Steve M, the girls dressed up as link is the most adorable thing ive seen in a while:3
    Woman of the world: Please continue to dress like Link if you can make them that cuute:)

    How about you nip over to Fleshbot and pinch their gallery script to make it easy for us, eh?

    The winner is: The bald guy. Not only for dressing up as a bald guy, but for having a gorgeous girl to go with :P

    Baldies unite!!

    That's a topic I wanna hear, favorite bald cosplay character... I can't even think of one off the top of my head. (rimshot)

      Kratos, Professor X?

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