The Day Before Halo: Reach's Invasion

The Halo universe is famous for explosions and the colour purple. But pregnant British women? Never seen one of them in a Halo game before.

This is yet another live-action trailer for Halo: Reach, showing the lives of some of the citizens of Reach the day before the Covenant invasion.

They're OK, but Microsoft, the more of these you put out, the worse they're getting, and the less impact they're having. The pointiest tip of the Halo fanbase may get off on seeing bickering civilians, but the majority of customers are in this for the explosions.



    500 years in the future and we're still sitting on couches, carrying suitcases, washing dishes, fridges, cups WHAAATTT???

      Where the hell are they flying cars/hoverboards etc?!?

      And where's the... the.. Umm... Whatever?! HUH!

        Covenant ate them all :O

          I Hate that 500 years in the future and balloons are still floating away from us.:(

            I'm looking at it and thinking
            "99 red balloons,
            floating in the summer sky,
            Panic bells, it's red alert,
            There's something here from somewhere else."

            Which is really quite apt.

      It's just a different view of how the future will pan out for us, there might be very poor, technology starved colonies, the future doesn't have to be flying cars and laser guns !

      At least that's what I think.

      Yeah the Halo story shows future mankind's main technological achievements in AI and space travel. I mean even the games still show civilan technology as relatively similar to what we have now.

    Looks a little bit like "Halo and Away"

    So this is what million dollar advertising campaigns get you these days?

    Where are the cats with space antennae?

    How long until we get the kickass live action short involving Noble Team.....

    These live actions shorts are looking less inspired, cheap and pretentious the more they make.

    Bungie/Microsoft have a bajillion dollars, why couldn't they pull something out of the hat like the fantastic ODST short? These guys should learn from the Battlestar Galactica School of sci-fi film-making on a shoestring budget. 500 years in the future and a house is exactly the same but with sheet metal panels.

    for god sakes, would these trailer maker guys please make an explosion! its halo! not bold and the beautiful!

    What is this I don't even?

    I get that Bungie/MS are trying to show the civilian side of the Reach campaign, but this isn't one of their better efforts. At the very least it would bore the pants off their usual player base. On top of that it's just not very interesting.

    there are now a hand full of short films or one could say trailer for all the halo games (latest ones). but no movie. that sad

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