The Dreamcast Will Not Die

By all accounts, the Sega Dreamcast should be dead. But it's not.

The Sega Dreamcast launched in 1998. While it was discontinued in the West in 2002, Sega continued to officially support (and repair) the console up until 2007.

And while Microsoft could have given Dreamcast games a second life (but didn't), that doesn't mean new Dreamcast games have dried up. Throughout the last decade, the console continued to get new games — from licensed developers in Japan and homebrew developers in the West.

At the recent Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany, developer RedSpotGames had Dreamcast demo kiosks placed proudly between the Xbox 360 and the Wii demo kiosks.

RedSpotGames has published Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, a puzzle game developed by a Costa Rica-based studio, in 2008 and Rush Rush Rally Racing, a top down racer, last fall.

Other developers and publishers continue to work on Dreamcast titles. Even in 2010, when we are well on into the console lives of the current gen, the Dreamcast keeps on keeping on. Its pulse is faint, but make no mistake, the console is still alive.

RedSpotGames [Official Site]


    I'd still prefer my DC over a ps3 / 360 any day.

      Completely agree with you. Damn I love that machine.

    dreamcast forever!

    you know... we can buy "new" mega drives now (made by a dif company i know)... someone should re-release the dreamcast! lol

    its clearly got a good fan base

      If only that fanbase was there 12 years ago...

      I love the DreamCast (except when they sponsored Arsenal), but it was the South Sydney Rabbitohs of consoles. (Read Cleveland Browns for you North American brothers). We didnt support it when we had it, and only bitched about it when it was taken away.

    Dreamcast was my favourite and if Sega pushed it properly they would of had the what the ps2 had in success I reckon. It would of been what Microsoft is getting.
    If you compare xbox and Dreamcast the dreamcast was the exact same feature and culture wise. Online console that does more than games but is still a gamers machine.

    My Dreamcast remains my most cherished console. I hardly touch it because I'm afraid it'll die and then that'll be it!

    I still have a Dreamcast, I'm more than a little suprised they haven't ported more games to the 360 arcade, PS store or Wii WARE(Could Wii Ware handle the DC stuff?).

      I never had a DC, but having read about and played some later ports of DC games (specifically, Skies of Arcadia and a bit Sonic Adventure and Shenmue 2), even I can see there is a good market for those games.

      Part of the reason maybe platform incompatibilities (which costs a bit of time and money to fix).

      Another partial reason could be that the source code may have vanished (seriously, it happens!).

      But I think the prime reason is the title in question is tied up in copyright and licensing hell.

      In terms of the Wii, James, I rejected my facts and I do not think DC games on the Wii is viable.

      Unless I am mistaken (I'm still open to this because I never owned a DC), Dreamcasts used specially made optical disks that held exactly one Gigabyte (so the disks are neither a DVD nor a CD-ROM).

      Given allowing for not all DC games making full use of the disk's capacity, I do not see it likely that a DC game could fit on the internal memory of a Wii.

      While I am aware that one can place Wii games on SD cards, I soon found out after the allowed that functionality that the games are still copied (for want of a better term) to the internal memory before they are ran.

      Processing wise, I am sure the Wii can handle DC games (the Wii is as powerful as an XBox if I recall correctly), but the required storage capacity is not there.

    my wife keeps threatening to chuck my pink dreamcast, for shame

    I've never been as blown away by a console as when I got my Dreamcast. Plus, it was my first taste of the internet, using Dial-up to connect to Telstra Dreamcast chat room with the keyboard you could buy (and pissing off my parents by hogging the phone-line.

    Once they learned how to produce pirated copies of games that played in any unmodified console the whole deal fell apart. I had played a lot of copied games and I think it ruined the CD drive. I had purchased a copy of Shenmue and half way through the game the drive stopped. I couldn't be bothered buying a new one as the PS2 was on the horizon. Still, I had my money's worth of fun.

    My favourite console, though, is the N64. For me, the Dreamcast didn't come close.

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