The Hall Of Fame Of Cussin'

Pac-Man, who is an abstraction, was honoured with Hall-of-Fame enshrinement two Saturdays ago. Today I posed a question unanswered by friends: What word would be inducted first into a Cussin' Hall of Fame? Where should it be located?

I think it's somewhat analogous to video games. Four-letter words, 8-bit legends. How do you choose Super Mario over Pac-Man or vice versa? How do you pick from among the most vulgar descriptions of the oldest acts? Which of them came first, anyway?

I can't get enough of these polls. Before we begin the evening's open thread, let's put it to a vote.


    Bitch eat that ho!

    Damn and Asshole shouldn't even be near that list!

    Surely it's something like "UGH OOGH!" loosely translated as "tribal refuse"

    It should be located in Fuc-King, Austria (hyphen purely to show pronunciation). People keep stealing their signs.

    I think the list should come from George Carlin's infamous "seven words you can't say on television" ;)

    I just wish the Australian federal election was this interesting... although I bet all those words will be uttered soon enough

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