The Killer Robot Dog That Almost Made It Into Vanquish

Vanquish, Platinum Games' high-speed futuristic shooter for Sega, left some fascinating concepts on the cutting room floor. One notable deletion was protagonist Sam's best friend - a robot dog that launched missiles, provided mobile cover and more.

Borrowing a page from another Sega game, Shinobi sequel Shadow Dancer, it appears that Sam would have had faithful four-legged partner that would help take down bad guys. The robo-dog was loaded with ammo and could transform into a back-mounted missile launcher that would attach to Sam's super suit.

That's not all. Platinum's Yoshifumi Hattori writes on the dev's blog that "there was even an idea that a female android 'partner' would transform and combine with Sam (I was a fan of that one). As the player would hoist her up, their bodies would change shape in various ways from forming an enormous gun to having the android change into a boomerang and be thrown into the field."

Knowing Platinum, creators of Bayonetta and Madworld, there's little doubt that would have been a very sexy android boomerang.

Vanquish should be out this October on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, sadly devoid of cyber-pups.

The Augmented Reaction Suit System [PlatinumGames]


    Reminds me of Toby from Halo Jones.

    aww man I would have loved a robot dog. That shit would have been awesome.

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