The King Of Fighters XIII Is Buggy And Needs Special Rules

Arcade fighting game The King of Fighters XIII not only features jiggly ninja Mai Shiranui, it also features lots of bugs. That's why the game needs special rules for tournament play.

At Japan's Tougeki fighting game tournament, there are special rules in place regarding the game's bugs. Here are the bugs, and Tougeki's rules regarding them:

1. Hwa Jai's levitation

This bug, which can be activated while doing Hwa Jai's special move, causes the character the fly off the screen. According to Tougeki, the player that triggers this bug will be disqualified.

2. Vice's "Splash" Special Move Fisticuffs Lock

If the player uses Vice's "Splash" move and then begins trading ground attacks with their opponent, the opponent's character will get stuck in stun animation. The match will end only when time runs out. Tougeki states that the player playing as Vice will be disqualified.

3. Vice's "Overkill" Special Move Renders Certain Characters Unplayable

The combination of using the "Overkill" and a throw move to recovering character, causes these characters to become unplayable: Iori, Vice, Shen, Mature, Terry, Andy, Takuma, Ash, Mai and Maxima. Once again, the player playing as Vice, Tougeki notes, will be disqualified.

4. Ralf Jones' Neo Max Move Bug

Having Ralf use his Neo Max move to trade hits with any character in mid-air cause the opponent to get stuck floating. Players using Ralf will not be disqualified for this, Tougeki states, but will be required to bring their opponent back by using a weak jump attack. Then the match can resume.

All these bugs and rules regarding them make playing KOFXIII at Tougeki kinda like fighting in a minefield!

Bugs suck, but pinpointing them in the arcade version will hopefully ensure that they do not make their way into the final game. Think of this as beta testing!

闘劇'10 -THE 8th ARCADIA CUP TOURNAMENT- [Tougeki via Canned Dogs]


    Hahaha, oh dear.

    Christ, are they even TRYING any more? I remember when these game actually used to be GOOD (KoF '98 FTW!)

    KOF XI was fantastic. If it didn't lack Mai, I would have said the best to date. Unfortunately KOF XII was a POS and that along aside this news makes me lose hope for the new game.

      Carlos Varney likes this post.

    why would you put a bugged out game in a tournament?

    I wish they kept the elements in XII (Counter guage & Reversal) and fused it with XIII.

    It's 3 characters out of the whole roster that have these rules on them and Hwa Jai's bug is something that needs to be consciously activated by the player.
    It really isn't a big deal y'all.
    Granted, sucks to be a Vice player.

      Just pick Mature instead...she's virtually the same character anyway.

      I for one, cannot wait for this. Been watching some clips on YouTube and it looks Sh!t HOT !!

        Mature is the same as Vice? SINCE WHEN? Mature is a fairly standardweight fighter, perhaps a little on the lighter side. Vice is a friggin' GRAPPLER. She has more in common with Shermie than Mature.

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