The Latest James Bond 007: Blood Stone Screens And Teaser

When McWhertor got a second look at James Bond 007: Blood Stone last week in Germany he said the game may have won him over.

Here's a look at some of the new trailers and screenshots of the game to perhaps explain why. In it we see Daniel Craig's Bond taking down some bad guys in Instanbul.


    Good to see there's still some support going round for the PS2 - there's life in the old dog yet!

    Can we get some PS3/360 screens, please?

    Something tells me their gameplay isn't as smooth as they want it to be. I hate trailers like this where you'd see a gameplay mechanic like Melee happening but they don't let it play out, instead cutting away as soon as Bond connects a punch or something. Same goes for the car chases.

    If you look at an Uncaharted trailer featuring gameplay for example, melee sequences are usually being played out in full, because they trust the gameplay to sell itself.

    Although I've read good previews about this game so far, trailers like this make me suspicious.

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