The Magically Morphing Ferrari Steering Rig In Action

Unveiled in May, this video gives you a much closer look at Thrustmaster's over-the-top Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition controller.

The PC and PlayStation 3 racing rig uses a latency-free 2.4GHz wireless system, 50 hours of battery life on four AA batteries, an adjustable, rigid metal structure, detachable replica of the Ferrari F430 wheel, two metal pedals, gearshift levers and a "genuine" Manettino dial with five backlit positions to let you configure your wheel directly in the game.

All of that will run you a mere $US250.


    another PS3/PC no 360 wheel. MS have really lost the plot... they actually believe people will prefer hands to a steering wheel.

    no mention of force feedback though, but this is an awesome idea. are you watching MS (idiots)?

      Hey Glennc,

      Microsoft have a wireless racing wheel and it's not too bad. I have one. I picked one up for about $AUD150 about a year ago. The main downside is that you need to either build or buy your own stand as resting it on your lap is no fun. A stand can be built for about $30 if you are a little bit handy. If you pick up a wireless receiver off ebay you can also hook it up to a PC, this can also be used to hook up a regular Xbox360 gamepad.

      Fanatec make a wheel and pedal set that can be used with PC / PS3 and Xbox360. It's called the Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel, but it is quiet expensive at $USD399.90 for just the wheel. Pedals are extra.

    yeh thats real disappointing no 360 version!
    I remember the same happened dreamcast/ps2 era
    say bye bye 360!

    awesome wheel but, love how it packed away nicely next to the vacuum

    Steering wheel periph's are a lot like motion control to me. They only serve to break immersion, make me far more aware that i'm just looking at a screen instead of involved in the game

      I have to disagree. A wheel and pedal combo are nothing like motion control. As you may be aware real cars are actually controlled with a steering wheels and pedals, so if anything a wheel and pedal combo peripherals improves immersion.

      As for this wheel and pedal set it looks great. I like the fact that it's wheel plus pedals plus stand in one, which really differentiates it from competitors. Only improvements I would make is loose the Ferrari licensing, and knock $50 off the price, and have a pro-level option with clutch, and gear shifter like the Logitech G25 / G27, and of course add Xbox 360 support, by using the $50 saved from the no Ferrari licensing to pay for the Microsoft licensing. Over foot mounted pedals rather than floor mounted pedal would also be nice, but not that important.

      I wonder if with just the batteries if there’ll be enough juice for force feedback through the wheel? With the Microsoft Wheel you need a use the power brick for force feedback.

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